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Winter Wheat

WheatWelcome to the Kansas State University official winter wheat website. Winter wheat is the predominant crop grown in Kansas, with anywhere from 8 to 12 million acres sown every year and annual production often ranging between 280 and 460 million bushels. These statistics makes Kansas the largest winter wheat producing state in the U.S. Additionally, over 90% of the winter wheat grown in the U.S. southern Great Plains is cultivated under dryland conditions, rendering this region as the largest contiguous dryland winter wheat producing region in the world.

In this website, we provide diverse information about wheat production and quality for stakeholders interested in wheat production systems in Kansas and in the U.S. southern Great Plains. Use the drop-down menu below to guide you to information on specific topics. Make sure and access this information in our Twitter (@KSUWheat) and Facebook (@KSUWheat) pages.

Wheat Management

Wheat Quality

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Demonstration Plots

County and district wheat demonstration plots are educational tools that help producers identify wheat varieties well-suited to their farms. Historically, three to five wheat demonstration plots were installed per agricultural district and one to three per county in the state of Kansas, with thousands of stakeholders who participate in wheat plot tours in a yearly basis.

More information about wheat demonstration plots can be found in KSRE publication MF 3317 (PDF).

Agronomy eUpdates

The Department of Agronomy at Kansas State University releases weekly eUpdates on crop production and environmental issues pertinent to the State of Kansas and the U.S. Southern Great Plains. To be added to our email listserv, please send a request by emailing Troy Lynn Eckart).

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