Soybeans are a very economically important crop for Kansas agriculture. We are currently averaging 4.7 million acres planted, approaching 200 million bushels of production per year, and rank 10th in the US. For the most up-to-date information on extension information and meetings, please follow @KSUCROPS on Twitter.

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Kansas Crop Planting Guide

Our rich soils and climatic conditions make Kansas the number one state in wheat and grain sorghum production. These conditions not only dictate the type of crop that will grow, but also cause wide differences in the optimum planting dates and seeding rates across the state. It is important that producers recognize optimum planting dates and rates for various crops, but just as important, producers need to recognize and understand the differences between growing conditions on their farms and those of their neighbors.

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KSRE Soybean Publications

Our extension officers across the state are dedicated to providing the best research and data to support soybean production efforts throughout the Midwest.

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