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Kansas Foundation Seed Project

The Kansas Foundation Seed Project has the responsibility for providing the Kansas seed industry with foundation seed of public varieties. The varieties involved include those originated by the Kansas Agricultural Experiment Station and may include varieties developed by other state experiment stations. The crops handled in the project include wheat, soybeans, spring oats, and canola. The Kansas Foundation Seed Project retail seed sales are limited to seed of the foundation class.

The Kansas Hybrid Association, established in 1945, was the first structured foundation seed organization in Kansas with the main purpose of increasing and maintaining parent lines of corn hybrids. In 1954, Kansas Hybrid Association turned over their assets to the Kansas State University, which now oversees the project.

The goal of the Kansas Foundation Seed Project is to get maximum production of outstanding varieties and to make this seed available to seed growers. The policy is set so seed is given first to growers with most experience.

The Kansas Foundation Seed Project also provides contract seed production and genetic purification for the private sector. Custom production can range in size from a fraction of an acre on up. Seed can be conditioned, treated and bagged to meet the customer's need.


Contact Information

Addie Clary
Foundation Seed Manager

Stephanie Shaffer
Accounting Specialist