Kansas River Valley Experiment Field

The research program at the Kansas River Valley Experiment Field was established to study the management and effective use of resources for irrigated crop production in the Kansas River Valley. The field is located outside Rossville and Topeka. Current objectives are to evaluate:

  • Corn hybrids and soybean varieties
  • Cultural practices that can enhance agronomic production and profitability
  • Fertilizer materials, rates, timing, and application methods in an effort to increase agronomic efficiency and promote sound environmental principles
  • Insecticide, disease, and nematode control in corn and soybeans
  • Weed control practices for corn and soybeans

Research Projects

  • Chemical weed control in corn and soybeans
  • Corn and soybean variety performance tests
  • Evaluation of micronutrient materials in corn and soybeans
  • Evaluation of practices and varieties/isolines for minimizing the effect of soybean cyst nematodes
  • Evaluation of varieties and practices to reduce the effect of sudden death syndrome in soybean
  • Long-term effects of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium fertilization in a corn/soybean cropping sequence
  • Nitrogen management in irrigated corn

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