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Department of Agronomy

Welcome to Agronomy Research

The Agronomy Department at Kansas State University conducts a wide array of practical and basic scientific research, with far-reaching impacts on national and world food production and environmental quality. Research facilities on campus are among the finest in the country. In addition, our Agronomy fields throughout the state offer faculty and students a means of testing practical research under a wide variety of soil and environmental conditions.

Areas of Research

Within these areas are numerous specialized research projects that are known throughout the world.

  • Bioenergy
  • Crop Physiology
  • Grain Sorghum Improvement
  • Native Grassland Management
  • Soil Carbon and Climate Change
  • Wheat Variety Development

In all cases, parallel and excellent teaching and extension efforts complete our alignment with the land-grant mission.

Looking for more? Check out the Center for Sorghum Improvement and the USDA-ARS Plant Science and Entomology for more information.