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Department of Agronomy

East Central Kansas Experiment Field

Location: Ottawa, Kansas

The research program at the East Central Kansas Experiment Field is designed to keep area crop producers abreast of technological advances in agronomy. Specific objectives are to:

  • Establish the amount of soil loosening and crop residue cover needed for optimum crop production
  • Evaluate weed and disease control practices using chemical, non-chemical, and combination methods
  • Identify the top-performing varieties and hybrids of wheat, corn, soybean, and grain sorghum
  • Test fertilizer rates, timing, and application methods for agronomic efficiency and sound environmental principles

Research Projects

  • Corn stover harvesting for biofuels
  • Corn, soybean, wheat, and grain sorghum variety performance tests
  • Evaluation of nitrogen rates and starter fertilizer for strip-till corn
  • Nitrogen fertilization of corn and wheat using sensor technology
  • Phosphorus management for strip-till corn and no-till soybean
  • Soybean breeding facilities

Contact Us

Dr. Eric Adee

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2149 Montana Road
Ottawa, KS 66067
Franklin County


Darren Hibdon
Assistant Scientist
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Ph: +1-785-242-5616


Jim Kimball
Agricultural Technician II
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Ph: +1-785-242-5616

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