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Department of Agronomy

Dr. Romulo Lollato

Dr. Romulo Loillato

Associate Professor

Wheat and Forages Production
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Kansas State University
2709 Throckmorton PSC
1712 Claflin Road
Manhattan, KS 66502

Ph: +1-785-532-0397
Fx: +1-785-532-6094

Biography & Education


Dr. Romulo P. Lollato got his B.S. degree in Agronomy from Londrina State University (Brazil), M.S. in Plant and Soil Sciences from Oklahoma State University (OSU), and Ph.D. in Crop Science from OSU. Currently, Romulo is an associate professor of Agronomy at Kansas State University, Extension Wheat and Forages Specialist, where he provides leadership for an interdisciplinary team developing a strong Extension (80%) and applied research (20%) programs. He is an associate editor for Agronomy Journal, where he received an award for outstanding associated editor in January 2018, and he is a reviewer for Agricultural and Forest Meteorology, Agronomy Journal, Crop Science, Crop and Pasture Science, among other scientific journals. Romulo is a member of the American Society of Agronomy, Crop Science Society of America, and Soil Science Society of America.

Romulo’s interest in wheat first started as actual crop production, working in his family’s soybean-corn-wheat farming operation, in which he grew up helping. His interest in wheat increased during his MS, with a thesis focused on wheat response to liming acidic soils in central Oklahoma. During his PhD, his dissertation focused on intensive wheat management and the meteorological limits to winter wheat productivity in the southern Great Plains, as well as soil water dynamics under the wheat crop and wheat variety response to soil pH and aluminum concentration gradients. Currently, Romulo directly oversees over 20 different research projects related to wheat production or applied wheat physiology, most pertaining to M.S. thesis or Ph.D. dissertations of students training in his program.  

  • Ph.D., Crop Science, Oklahoma State University, July 2015
  • M.S., Plant and Soil Science, Oklahoma State University, December 2012
  • B.S., Agronomy, Londrina State University, December 2009




  • Environmental assessment of maximum attainable wheat yields and yield gaps using crop simulation models
  • Agronomic practices leading to maximized wheat yield and profitability
  • Intensive versus standard wheat management: partial contribution of individual management practices to narrowing yield gaps
  • Intensive versus standard wheat management: the role of genotype, environment, and management in narrowing yield gaps
  • Modeling plant available water at sowing in continuous winter wheat systems
  • Probability of wheat yield gain based on altered drought traits using crop simulation models
  • Strategies to overcome low soil pH problems in wheat production system
  • Variety selection and management practices when double-cropping wheat following a summer crop
  • Variety selection in dual-purpose wheat production systems
  • Wheat nutrient uptake and partitioning as affected by the era of variety release
  • Wheat variety-specific population management and variety selection
  • Yield gap and resource-use efficiency of winter wheat in the southern Great Plains

Staff & Students

Current Graduate Students
  • Luana Machado Simao - Ph.D. student
  • Nicolas Giordano - M.S. student
  • Luke Ryan, M.S. student
Current Staff
  • Luiz Pradella - Visiting Research Scholar
  • Nicolas Brahian Davila - Undergraduate Research Scholar
  • Malena Bartaburu - Visiting Research Scholar
  • Gaston Olano de Leon - Undergraduate Research Scholar
  • Jorge Romero Soler - Visiting Research Scholar
  • Andrea Gimena Mier - Undergraduate Research Scholar
Past Students and Staff
  • Kaylin Fink - M.S. Student
  • Brent Jaenisch - Ph.D. Student
  • Roberta Rebesquini - Undergraduate Research Scholar
  • Andrei Dobner - Undergraduate Research Scholar
  • Marcos Feliciano - Undergraduate Research Scholar
  • Renan de Oliveira Batista - Undergraduate Research Scholar
  • Lucas Berger Munaro - Assistant Scientist
  • Kavan Mark - Assistant Scientist
  • Marden Moraes - Undergraduate Research Scholar
  • Valdir Focaga Jr. - Undergraduate Research Scholar
  • Nilo Fernandes - Undergraduate Research Scholar
  • Lohan Oliveira - Undergraduate Research Scholar
  • Caio Rapolla Rezende - Visiting Research Scholar
  • Kavan Mark - Undergraduate Hourly Student
  • Amanda de Oliveira Silva - Ph.D. Student
  • Rafael Eidi Maeoka - M.S. Student
  • Leonardo Molssato - Undergraduate Research Scholar
  • Edwin Navia - Research Assistant
  • José Guilherme C. P. Pinto - Undergraduate Research Scholar
  • Felipe Spolidorio - Undergraduate Research Scholar
  • Talha Shahryar - Undergraduate Hourly Student
  • Rodrigo Arrellaga Sosa - Undergraduate Hourly Student
  • Larissa Bonassi - Short-term Visiting Scholar
  • Cody Brown - MS Student
  • Gustavo Bacco - Undergraduate Research Scholar
  • Augusto Dubou Serafim - Undergraduate Research Scholar
  • Guilherme Bavia - Visiting Research Scholar
  • Jéssica Lavorenti - Undergraduate Research Scholar
  • Vitor Rampazzo Favoretto - Undergraduate Research Scholar
  • Larissa Bonassi - Undergraduate Research Scholar
  • Amy Jorgensen - Undergraduate Hourly Student
  • Cintia Sciarresi - Visiting Research Scholar
  • Rafael Eidi Maeoka - Undergraduate Research Scholar