Students Conducting Research in Grain Sorghum Field

About K-State Agronomy

K-State Agronomy research relates directly to the production inputs of 65,000 farms on 47.5 million acres of cropland and rangeland in the state.

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Leading the Industry in Crop and Soil Research

The Department of Agronomy at K-State works hard to drive global research. For more than 100 years, faculty, staff, and students have engaged in innovative research in disciplines ranging from crop variety development to precision ag.

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Discover the Possibilities

Agronomy is a dynamic and exciting field of ever growing potential. Individuals in the K-State Department of Agronomy are visionaries driving advancements into the future.



Department head, Dr. Raj Khosla, discussing the future of the department with a group of industry members.

Looking Toward the Future

The future of agriculture exists in the possibilities of technology and sustainability. We are looking toward the next 5 to 10 years to invest in Digital Agronomy, Climate Smart Agriculture, and Integrated Sustainable Food Systems.

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