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The K-State Research and Extension Soil Testing Lab is a not-for-profit organization providing high quality analysis of soil, plant, forage, grain, and water for farmers, homeowners, and researchers.

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Soil Analysis

Soil Analysis

Many different analyses for soil samples are conducted at the Soil Testing Lab. The most common analyses requested include tests for pH, phosphorus (P), potassium (K), nitrate (NO3), and organic matter.

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Lime Analysis

Lime Analysis

Agricultural lime analysis is commonly conducted for producers and lime quarries. Samples are oven dried before analysis, which can cause the analytical time to vary depending on the moisture content of the sample that is submitted.

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Plant, Forage & Grain Analysis

Plant, forage, and grain samples are sent to the KSU Soil Testing Lab for nutritional status and nitrate testing. Analysis time can vary depending on the moisture levels of the sample.

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Water Analysis

Water Analysis

We offer water analysis for nutrient and irrigation water quality analysis for producers and full analysis of water samples for researchers. However, full drinking water analysis is not offered.

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leaf analysis

Leaf Analysis

We routinely test for leaf nutrient content. It is very important that the appropriate polant or leaf part be submitted to the lab.

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Soil Fertilizer Recommendations

Managing soil health and nutrients is crucial to plant health and growth. Here, we've collected articles and resources to help you make soil fertilizer decisions.

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Sample Drop-off

Soil Testing Lab Drop-off Locations

You are welcome to bring your samples to the lab in room 2308 during business hours or put them in the drop box on the northwest side of the building after hours.

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