Current Grain Sorghum Test Results




Northeast Dryland

Riley County PDF Excel

Mitchell County PDF *abandoned: drought and severe weather; height and lodging

Republic County PDF Excel


Reno County PDF Excel

Finney County *abandoned: drought

Thomas County *abandoned: drought

Greeley County PDF Excel

Central Dryland

Saline County PDF Excel

Reno County *abandoned: drought and hail

Southeast Dryland

Frankin County PDF Excel

Labette County *abandoned: flooding followed by drought

Western Dryland

Greeley County PDF Excel

Ellis County *abandoned: drought

Thomas County *abandoned: drought

2021 Results


Northeast Dryland Riley County (pdf)
Republic County (pdf)
Mitchell County (pdf)
Southeast Dryland Franklin County (pdf)
Labette County *abandoned: too much precipitation early in season
Central Dryland Saline County (pdf)
Reno County *abandoned: severe drought conditions
West Dryland Ellis County (pdf)
Thomas County *abandoned: variable, drought conditions in fall
Greeley County
Finney County *abandoned: variable, uneven stands
Irrigated Reno County (pdf)
Thomas County (pdf)
Finney County (pdf)