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Department of Agronomy

Agronomy Field Days

The Kansas State University Department of Agronomy hosts a field day annually that focuses on topics of interest in Crop Consulting, Agro-science, etc. These field days are designed to get the growers, local farmers, ranchers and industry folks up close and personal with new technology being used at K-State, and provide you with new information to assist you with your agricultural needs. Our annual field day usually occurs in the late summer, however there are smaller field days held across the state of KS by our extension agents and agronomists that you may be interested in attending.

View our event calendar to see when events may be occurring. Please feel free to check out our experiment fields as well for events they may be hosting.

Every year you have several chances around the state to come and see what we're doing by attending one of our annual field days. We want to show you how our research can be useful to you! One of the most important aspects of our mission in the Department of Agronomy is to demonstrate our research findings directly to our stakeholders in a field setting. We do this by holding field days each year at Manhattan, Parsons, Ottawa, Rossville, Hutchinson, Belleville, Hays, Colby, Garden City, and Tribune. Check this page often and we'll keep you up to date on the most recent upcoming field days.