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Alumni of the Department have distinguished themselves in the public and private sectors as crop, soil, and range professionals. They are farmers, agents, educators, administrators, consultants, representatives, scientists, missionaries, military, contractors, and a host of other professions.

Student Research in Sorghum Field

Agronomy for Life

Agronomy is the study of plants and soils and their environment. Agronomic science and technology are basic to sustaining the world's food supply and a quality environment. From crop production systems, soil and water quality, biotechnology and molecular biology to opportunities in developing countries looking to improve their production of food and fiber, rewarding career opportunities are limitless in Agronomy.

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First class extracurricular activities.


Using virtual reality goggles for precision ag

Hands-on Learning

Many opportunities within the Agronomy Department provide basic and applied research such as the Learning Farm . Demands for crop production systems which emphasize environmental safety, minimum soil erosion, ground water quality, decreased inputs, and provide adequate economic returns are one area of future need.

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