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Learning Farm

Agronomy Learning Farm
Department of Agronomy-KSU

"A facility where students, throughout their undergraduate career in Agronomy can develop technical skills and intellectual competencies through site experiences and field investigations."

The “Learning Farm” facility is being developed on approximately 80 acres at the Department of Agronomy North Farm, located within three miles of the departmental building, in Manhattan, KS. The “Learning Farm” is a cooperative effort among College of Agriculture teaching faculty to incorporate a series of hands-on experiential learning activities throughout the four-year Agronomy curriculum.

North Farm/Learning Farm Map

General Information: People Research Soils

Field History/Yield Maps: C2,1D2,2D2,4A


Current Projects/Field Work

lLearning Farm>PA090186.jpg

10/10/08 The Learning Farm's New Gleaner F3 donated by Monsanto.

Learning Farm>08 055.jpg

10/23/07 The Learning Farm tractor and grain drill shortly after finishing drilling wheat.

Experiential Learning Integrated Across the Agronomy Curriculum

Student hands-on learning activities will be coordinated across the entire Agronomy curriculum, and for other courses in the College of Agriculture, with this “Learning Farm” through:

  1. Laboratories and group exercises that have students from many courses traveling to the Agronomy North Farm, walking, observing, sampling, analyzing and interpreting the information gathered, and to develop their problem-solving skills,
  2. Undergraduate “Learning Farm” assistantships and summer internships will have students working on research projects and field activities throughout the year with teaching and research faculty,
  3. Use GPS and GIS capabilities to record all the outcomes of each student and classroom visit (potential fields), such that each soil sample location, weed observation, fertilizer and agrochemical prescription and application map, and yield map are recorded, and
  4. Develop this dedicated web site where progress and annual reports, the GIS database, and student assignments and projects are maintained.

USDA-Higher Education Challenge Grant

The development of the “Learning Farm” is funded through a USDA-HEC grant and this project addressed three of the four HEC targeted need areas. These include:

  1. Curricula design and materials development through the modification of eleven courses in the Agronomy curriculum and addition of one new course,
  2. A new instruction delivery system which is the “Learning Farm”, and
  3. Student experiential learning activities (course work, undergraduate research assistantships, or summer internships) to be held at the Learning Farm.

This web site will provide regular and annual reports, a calendar of events, a GIS database of all course visits and field activities occurring at the Learning Farm, and be available for current and future students.