Research Staff

Our research staff are essential to the function and success of the department.

Name Position Title Email
Ahunchan, Juan Visiting Scholar Email Juan
Alkotami, Alharith Mesonet Staff Email Alharith
Altariugio, Matheus Student Intern Email Matheus
Ascher, Kevin Agricultural Technician Email Kevin
Aubert, Allison Assistant Scientist Email Allison
Auen, Lisa Assistant Scientist Email Lisa
Auld, Andy Assistant Agronomist Email Andy
Bari, HD Abdullah Fellow (Post-Doc) Email Abdullah
Battocchio de Oliveira, Thiago Student Intern Email Thiago
Bausch, Daniel Assistant Scientist Email Daniel
Boller, Dennis Agriculture Technician Supervisor Email Dennis
Bonini Pires, Luis Fernando Student Intern Email Luis
Bonini Pires, Marcos Student Intern Email Marcos
Carcedo, Ana Fellow (Post-Doc) Email Ana
Carciochi, Walter Fellow (Post-Doc) Email Walter
Carnley, Kaila Lab Aid Email Kaila
Castilho Silva, Diogo Visiting Scholar Email Diogo
Castro Amador, Luis Visiting Scholar Email Luis
Cespedes Azuaga, Nora Student Intern Email Nora
Chazarreta, Yesica Daniela Vising Scholar Email Yesica
Clary, Addie Program Administrator Email Addie
Chen, Peng Fellow (Post-Doc) Email Peng
Cobal, Milagros Research Scholar Email Milagros
Coelho, Marta Arruda Associate Scientist Email Marta
Cook, Landon Agriculture Research Technician II Email Landon
Da Silva Volpato, Natalia Visiting Scholar Email Natalia
Davidson, Megan Lab Technician Email Megan
Davila, Brahian Student Intern Email Brahian
Davis, Matthew Assistant Scientist Email Matthew
Davis, Stewart Research Aide Email Stewart
de Oliveira Demarco, Jovani Student Intern Email Jovani
De Oliveira Gomes Pinto, Lohan Student Intern Email Lohan
De Oliveira Mota, Mariana Research Scholar Email Mariana
Dhungel, Ramesh Fellow (Post-Doc) Email Ramesh
Dille, Russell E. Assistant Scientist Email Russell
Divakar, Leena Assistant Scientist Email Leena
Dominguez, Alexandra Research Assistant Email Alexandra
Dooley, Scott Assistant Scientist Email Scott
Duvessa, Duchassa Fellow (Post-Doc) Email Duchassa
Exilart Aranda, Ainhoa Research Scholar Email Ainhoa
Fello Rivero, Luciano Visiting Scholar Email Luciano
Fondjo, Vicky Yolande Research Associate Email Vicky
Froes De Borja Reis, Andre Associate Scientist Email Andre
Galksduwa, Buddhika Fellow (Post-Doc) Email Buddhika
Gao, Jincheng Computer Information Specialist Email Jincheng
Gao, LiangLiang Fellow (Post-Doc) Email LiangLiang
Gardner, Tyler Assistant Scientist Email Tyler
Gehl, Kathy Project Administrator / Extension eUpdate Editor Email Kathy
Gibson, Jedidiah Research Aide Email Jedidiah
Glanzer, Garrett Assistant Scientist Email Garrett
Gleue, Paul Agricultural Technician Email Paul
Goldsby, Kaitlin Lab Technician II Email Kaitlin
Goni, Augustina Visiting Scholar Email Augustina
Grané, Juan Visiting Scholar Email Juan
Hamehkasi, Maryam Graduate Research Assistant Email Maryam
Hargrave, Lynn Assistant Scientist Email Lynn
Harmoney, Keith Range Scientist Email Keith
Henslee, Hillary Agriculture Technician Email Hillary
Hessel, Rene Assistant Scientist Email Rene
Hibdon, Darren Assistant Scientist Email Darren
Hitz, Dennis Assistant Scientist Email Dennis
Hodgins, Dustin Assistant Scientist Email Dustin
Huddleston, Susan Assistant Scientist Email Susan
Ikeogu, Ugochukwu Fellow (Post-Doc) Email Ugochukwu
Iseli, Angela Laboratory Technician I Email Angela
Kaur, Simerjeet Visiting Scholar Email Simerjeet
Kimball, Jim Agricultural Technician Senior Email Jim
Kimball, Leland Agricultural Technician Email Leland
King, Alex Assistant Scientist Email Alex
Kohn, Fanmei Visiting Scholar Email Fanmei
Kumam, Yaiphabi Research Scholar Email Yaiphabi
Kumaragamage, Darshani Visiting Scholar Email Darshani
Kumarasinghe, Ruwandi Research Associate Email Ruwandi
Larson, Mike Agricultural Technician Senior Email Mike
Lanza Lopez, Oscar Research Scholar Email Oscar
Le, Loan Assistant Scientist Email Loan
Lecina Da Silva, Anelise Assistant Scientist Email Anelise
Leiva Rivarola, Julio Research Scholar Email Julio
Lemes Bosche, Leonardo Visiting Scholar Email Leonardo
Leuthold, Mark Equipment Mechanic II Email Mark
Li, Yaoquang Assistant Scientist Email Yaoquang
Li, Yinping Greenhouse Facilities Coordinator Email Yinping
Lingua, Lucas Research Scholar Email Lucas
Lowe, Kathy Assistant Scientist Email Kathy
Lucero, Matias Visiting Scholar Email Matias
Mackrey, Constanza Communication Specialist Email Constanza
Maduraimuthu, Djanaguiraman "Jani" Fellow (Post-Doc) Email Jani
Mai, Randall Research Technologist Email Randall
Mandal, Dipankar Fellow (Post-Doc) Email Dipankar
Marchioro, Priscila Research Scholar Email Priscila
Marla, Sandeep Senior Research Scientist Email Sandeep
Marry, Sripriya Software Engineer Email Sripriya
Matthews, Angie Assistant Scientist Email Angie
Maxon, Rebecca Research Aide Email Rebecca
Menon, Sai Program/Project Manager I Email Sai
Morinigo Ferreira, Pedro Research Scholar Email Pedro
Moro Rosso, Luiz Visiting Scholar Email Luiz
Muleta, Kebede Fellow (Post-Doc) Email Kebede
Na, Huang Visiting Scholar Email Huang
Nahitiya, Dishan Research Assistant Email Dishan
Nakka, Sridevi Fellow (Post-Doc) Email Sridevi
Neilsen, Rebecca Agricultural Technician I Email Rebecca
Nieto, Luciana Assistant Scientist Email Luciana
Niklas, Axel Student Intern Email Axel
Nkrumh, Malik Research Scholar Email Malik
Noronha Sueiro, Guilherme Student Intern Email Guilherme
Olano de León, Gastón Student Intern Email Gaston
Oliveira Stefanello da Silva, Lincon Visiting Scholar Email Lincon
Oumarou, Halilou Assistant Scientist Email Halilou
Pandian, Balaji Aravindhan Fellow (Post-Doc) Email Balaji
Pauly, Trent Assistant Scientist Email Trent
Petersen, Jacob Assistant Scientist Email Jacob
Peralta, Nahuel Fellow (Post-Doc) Email Nahuel
Pitumpe, Pavithra Fellow (Post-Doc) Email Pavithra
Platero, Mauro Intern Email Mauro
Poudel, Pratishtha Fellow (Post-Doc) Email Pratishtha
Podesta, Juan Student Intern Email Juan
Price, John Fellow (Post-Doc) Email John
Quigley, Ed Agricultural Technician Senior Email Ed
Raugewitz, Sarah Research Assistant Email Sarah
Redmond, Christopher Assistant Agronomist Email Christopher
Regier, Daniel Applications Developer I Email Daniel
Retta, Amare Research Associate Email Amare
Ricciuto, Debora Research Scholar Email Debora
Riffel, Donald Student Intern Email Donald
Riley, Bill Agricultural Technician Email Bill
Rodrigues Negrao, Djanira Visiting Scholar Email Djanira
Rodriguez, Ignacio Scholar Email Ignacio
Rodriguez, Maria Scholar Email Maria
Ross, James Research Technician Email James
Rossini Martínez, Pedro Research Technician Email Pedro
Santiago, Gustavo Scholar Email Gustavo
Sarto, Marcos Fellow (Post-Doc) Email Marcos
Sathish Raj, Rajendran Fellow (Post-Doc) Email Rajendran
Schroeder de Souza, Joana Scholar Email Joana
Seo, EunJu Research Assistant Email EunJu
Serafin, Augusto Research Technician Email Augusto
Serazzi, Agustin Student Intern Email Agustin
Shanmugam, Naveenkumar Assistant Scientist Email Naveenkumar
Siegfried, Jeff Fellow (Post-Doc) Email Jeff
Singh, Rishabh Research Scholar Email Rishabh
Smith, Malynda Research Assistant Email Malynda
Spurlock, James Building Systems Technician Email James
Stensaas, Douglas Assistant Agronomist Email Douglas
Subramaniam, Utharasa Research Associate Email Utharasa
Tamir, Habtamu Fellow (Post-Doc) Email Habtamu
Tedesco de Oliveira, Danilo Research Scholar Email Danilo
Thomas, Jacob Assistant Scientist Email Jacob
Thompson, Keith Agricultural Technician Senior Email Keith
Tiwari, Manish Fellow (Post-Doc) Email Manish
Umar, Abdullah Bin Visiting Scholar Email Abdulla
Unruh, Ross Assistant Scientist/Safety Coordinator Email Ross
Upadhayay, Puja Laboratory Technician II Email Puja
van Versendaal Pirez, Emmanuela Visiting Scholar Email Emmanuela
Varela, Jorge Visiting Scholar Email Jorge
Vargas Castineira, Joaquin Visiting Scholar Email Joaquin
Vennapusa, Amaranatha Fellow (Post-Doc) Email Amaranatha
Vieira Junior, Nilson Aparecido Visiting Scholar Email Aparecido
Walsh, Michael Visiting Scholar Email Michael
Wanithunga, Irosha Research Associate Email Irosha
Weber, Chris Assistant Scientist Email Chris
Westerhold, Carter Assistant Scientist Email Carter
Whitehair, Anthony Assistant Scientist Email Anthony
Winnie, Shaun Assistant Scientist Email Shaun
Zeng, Ruiyun Visiting Scholar Email Ruiyun
Zhange, Xiaocun Visiting Scholar Email Xiaocun
Zhao, Jixin Assistant Scientist Email Jixin
Zhao, Lanfei Fellow (Post-Doc) Email Lanfei
Zini, Lara Visiting Scholar Email Lara
Zuniga, Lucia Assisant Scientist Email Lucia