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Clenton Owensby, PhD

Range Mangement

3016A Throckmorton PSC
1712 Claflin St
Manhattan, KS 66506

Ph: 785-532-7232

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I joined the Agronomy Department on Feb. 1, 1964 following graduation from New Mexico State University with a BS in range management. My appointment was as a research assistant, full time to pursue a PhD in Range Management under the tutelage of Dr. Kling Anderson. Due to Dr. Anderson's medical retirement, I was appointed as an Instructor on January 1, 1967 to fill his vacated position while continuing to continuing to pursue the PhD which I completed in early 1969. I have been in my current position since that time. I have explored , and been offered, other positions, but research in the Kansas Flint Hills is the Valhalla of range research opportunities. Along with others, we have been successful in introducing new grazing and prescribed fire strategies that have preserved the integrity of the Tall Grass Prairie while greatly improving the profitability for the ranching community. Through my work with prescribed burning and basic research in ecophysiology, i.e. elevated CO2, and landscape fluxes of CO2, water vapor, and energy, I have been able to explore the world and develop an appreciation of the diversity of terrestrial ecosystems and cultural differences. While skiing and fishing were my passions in my youth, my travels and the aging of my body have led to my appreciation of art and antiquities. It's been a wonderful ride, not ready to give it up yet.


  1. Development of Grazing Systems for Stocker Cattle in the Kansas Flint Hills
  2. Determine the Impact of Early Spring vs Late Spring Burning under Season-Long Stocking and Intensive Early Stocking
  3. Quantification of Methane Fluxes on Grazed Tallgrass Prairie