About the 2010 Lecturer | Dr. Jorge Dubcovsky

Dr. Jorge Dubcovsky presented the 2010 annual Elmer G. Heyne Crop Science Lectureship on March 24, 2010. The title of Dr. Dubcovsky’s presentation was “Regulation of Flowering in Wheat and Its Impact on Adaptation to Different Environments.”

Dr. Dubcovsky leads the University of California-Davis wheat breeding program and wheat molecular genetics laboratory. He was the recipient of the 2009 "Dennis R. Hoagland Award" from the American Society of Plant Biologists, which publishes the journals Plant Physiology and The Plant Cell. The award acknowledges outstanding plant research in support of agriculture and recognizes genetic discoveries to improve the disease resistance and nutritional quality of wheat.

The major goals of Dr. Dubcovsky's research program are to gain a better understanding of the effects of allelic variants of wheat genes that are relevant to agriculture and to develop the tools required for an efficient manipulation of these genes in wheat improvement. The program integrates a broad range of research projects that include whole genome studies, mapping, positional cloning, marker-assisted selection, and a traditional breeding program.

This lectureship honors the name of Dr. Elmer G. Heyne and commemorates his many years of outstanding service to Kansas State University, and to individuals in the campus community who were touched and influenced by his life.