William M. Jardine | 1910-1913

William M. Jardine | 1910-1913William M. Jardine (1879-1955) was born in Oneida County, Idaho and received a B.S.A. degree from Utah State Agricultural College in 1904. He came to the Department of Agronomy as Head after serving three years as Assistant Cerealist with the USDA. During his brief term as Head, he expanded the department's research and training activities in dryland agriculture, recruited a number of faculty to strengthen the department, and encouraged other faculty to obtain advanced training. He was President of the American Society of Agronomy in 1917.

Jardine became Dean of Agriculture and Director of the Kansas Agricultural Experiment Station in 1913 and President of Kansas State College in 1918. He was appointed U.S. Secretary of Agriculture in 1925. After serving as U.S. Ambassador to Egypt, he became the Kansas State Treasurer and President of the University of Wichita.