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Department of Agronomy

Transfering to K-State Agronomy

Agronomy majors commonly take the courses listed below during their first two years at Kansas State University. You should plan to complete as many of these courses as possible at your college. The Agronomy department at Kansas State University keeps two-year community colleges and other four year colleges informed of courses that may be transferred to agronomy programs of study. Consult your advisor to determine transferability of courses you select during your first two years of study.

Visit the K-State Office of Admissions site to see how your courses transfer to K-State! You can search by specific classes, or you can search by the Agronomy curriculum. 

I encourage you to enroll in the DirectLink program to have the most collaborative approach between your community college advisor and the Agronomy department at K-State. 

Your First Two Years

Course NumberCourse NameCredits
ENGL 100Expository Writing I3
ENGL 200Expository Writing II3
COMM 105Public Speaking I2
MATH 100College Algebra3
MATH 150*Plane Trigonometry (or Calculus)3-5
CHEM 210Chemistry I4
CHEM 230Chemistry II4
CHEM 350General Organic Chemistry3
BIOCH 265Intro. Organic & Biochemistry5
PHYS 113General Physics I4
BIOL 198Principles of Biology4
ACCTG 231*Accounting for Business Operations3
ECON 110Principles of Macro Economics3
CIS 102Introduction to Spreadsheets1
 Humanities and/or social sciences9

Courses in sociology, psychology, political science, literature, history, geography, music or art appreciation (not performance), philosophy, or foreign languages.


Crop Science, Soils, Principles of Animal Science, Introduction to Agricultural Economics

Kansas State University accepts a maximum of 60 hours of transfer credit from a two-year college toward the 120 hours required for a B.S. degree in agronomy.

*This course is not required in all options.