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Department of Agronomy

Scholarship list

Through the generosity of friends and benefactors of agronomy, many scholarships are available to agronomy majors, including several for freshmen and transfer students. Each year, the department grants approximately 75 scholarships totaling more that $125,000.

  • Mary Lucille and Walter Abmeyer Scholarship
  • Ernest L. and Lou R. Adams Scholarships
  • Dewey and Nelta Axtell Scholarship
  • Henry M. Beachell Scholarships
  • Genevieve L. and Frank G. Bieberly Scholarship
  • John Bunck Memorial Scholarship
  • Lowell A. Burchett Scholarship
  • Eugene Bush Agronomy Scholarship
  • Gorden Byler Memorial Scholarship
  • *Leland E. Call Memorial Scholarship
  • Carls Family Scholarships
  • J.D. Carroll Memorial Scholarships
  • Alfred L. Clapp Scholarship
  • A.E. and Katherine Cook Scholarship
  • Stan Ehler Agronomy Scholarship
  • Steve Fankhauser Memorial Scholarship
  • *Walter E. Gilmore Memorial Scholarships
  • Albert P. Haeberle College of Agriculture Memorial Scholarship
  • Hydrology Scholarship in Agriculture
  • Kansas Crop Improvement Association Scholarship
  • Kansas Seed Industry Association Award
  • Todd A. Kintigh Memorial Scholarship
  • *Hilmer H. Laude Memorial Scholarship
  • Mader Scholarships
  • Manhattan Chapter, Soil Conservation Society of America Scholarship
  • *George E. and Lewis G. Mickelson Scholarships
  • Walter A. Moore Memorial Agronomy Scholarship
  • Charles W. And Lois H. Nauheim Agronomy Scholarships
  • Ivy Fuller Olds Scholarship
  • George and Hila Parsons Scholarship
  • Robert K. and Barbara Petro Agronomy Scholarship
  • Thomas M. Potter Memorial Grazing Land Management Scholarship
  • Rannells (Hile) Scholarship
  • Leslie R. Reinhardt Memorial Scholarship
  • SFP and Dr. Larry Murphy Agronomy and Soil Science Scholarship
  • *Robert E. Sloan Memorial Scholarship
  • Smika Agronomy Scholarship
  • Malcolm Strom Family Scholarship
  • Harold Swartley Agronomy Scholarsip
  • Harold Swartley Crop Judging Team Scholarship
  • Wayne Tjaden Scholarship
  • Jake R. Ubel Agronomy Scholarship
  • Brian E Vining Memorial Scholarship
  • Western Seed Association Scholarship
  • Wheat State Agronomy Club Scholarship
  • John T. Whetzel Scholarship
  • Howard Wilkins Memorial Scholarship

* Financial need is a qualification for these scholarships.