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Department of Agronomy

Minor in Agronomy

Minor in Agronomy for Non-Agronomy Majors
Non-agronomy majors will be admitted as a candidate for the Agronomy minor program upon filing a notice of intent with:

Dr. Anita Dille
Assistant Head for Teaching
1022 Throckmorton Plant Sciences Center
(785) 532-7203

Admission forms must be completed prior to enrollment in the coursework identified in step #3 below to receive certification for the minor.

To earn an undergraduate minor in Agronomy, students are required to complete 16 or 17 credit hours consisting of the following courses:

  1. AGRON 305 Soils (4)
  2. AGRON 220 Crop Science (4) or AGRON 501 Range Management (3)
  3. An additional 9 hours of Agronomy courses numbered 300 or greater selected by the student in consultation with the agronomy advisor.
Minors - Agronomy Majors

For current information on Minors for Agronomy Majors go to:

Students>Current> Agronomy Academic Options

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Contact Information

Dr. Anita Dille
Assistant Head for Teaching
Kim Hay
Academic Coordinator