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Department of Agronomy

Course Requirements

Courses for Undergraduate Agronomy Degree

The six options available in agronomy offer considerable flexibility in requirements and allow you to plan a program to meet your career goals. There is a core of basic and supporting courses in biological and physical sciences, humanities, social sciences, and agriculture.

All students in agronomy take crop science and soils. Other courses in agronomy are selected depending upon your interest and career plans.

General Core Courses

Course NumberCourse NameCredits
AGRON 101Agronomy Orientation1
AGRON 305Soils4
AGRON 220Crop Science4
ENGL 100Expository Writing I3
ENGL 200Expository Writing II3
COMM 105Public Speaking I2
MATH 100College Algebra3
MATH 150*Plane Trigonometry (or Calculus)3-5
CHEM 210Chemistry I4
CHEM 230Chemistry II4
CHEM 350General Organic Chemistry3
BIOCH 265Intro. Organic & Biochemistry5
PHYS 113General Physics I4
BIOL 198Principles of Biology4
ACCTG 231*Accounting for Business Operations3
ECON 110*Principles of Macro Economics3
AGEC 120Agri. Econ & Agri. Business3
ECON 120Principles of Micro Economics3
 Computer Science1

Courses like Introduction to Personal Computers, or Computer Applications in Agronomy, or Fundamentals of Computer Programming plus a FORTRAN, PASCAL, BASIC, or C language laboratory.

 Humanities and/or social sciences9

Courses in sociology, psychology, political science, literature, history, geography, music or art appreciation (not performance), philosophy, or foreign languages.


Crop Science, Soils, Principles of Animal Science, Introduction to Agricultural Economics

Kansas State University accepts a maximum of 63 hours of transfer credit from a two-year college toward the 120 hours required for a B.S. degree in agronomy.

*This course is not required in all options.