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Department of Agronomy

Agronomy Academic Advising

Welcome to the Agronomy undergraduate advising page.

This site is designed to provide enrollment and advising resources to help Agronomy students and faculty advisors in the enrollment process.

The purposes of this site is to facilitate access by students and advisors to information regarding academic advisement and enrollment. It is not meant to replace the personal contact between students and their advisors that is necessary to successfully complete enrollment. As a personal note to students: use this page as you see fit, but be sure to see your advisor when you need to as well.

Click on any of the links below to view a complete list of resources for that specific heading.

Advising Resources:
Links to the University and College of Agriculture advising pages - these are excellent resources for advising information.

Enrollment Resources:
Link to the ever popular iSIS for on-line enrollment. There are also links to the College of Agriculture enrollment page and several University resources. Be sure to check out the link to the CourseScheduler software... the program that takes the drudgery out of developing a class schedule!

Course Information:
Links to many useful sites including the undergraduate catalog, course schedule, closed class list, general education class list, and transfer course equivalence page.... basically any and all things related to K-State courses.

Student Information:
Numerous links to both University and College of Agriculture sites with information you can use, including the Student Life Handbook, academic calendars, general academic policies, the Academic Assistance Center, Career and Employment Center, and many others.

Personal/Professional Development:
Not everything at K-State centers on academics and taking tests. There are a lot of opportunities for you to grow and develop personally. Here are some links to help you do just that.

Students... Have questions, concerns, or need help??

Remember to call, email, or stop by and see your advisor. They are assigned to provide you with information or to get you the help you need for most any academic or enrollment problem you may have. Another potential source for help is the Agronomy Teaching Office (1022 Throckmorton Hall, Phone: 532-7258).

Just a note: you don't have to have an upcoming enrollment period or an academic problem to see your advisor. They will be glad to visit with you anytime during the semester.... so drop by for a chat sometime to let them know how things are going.

Contact Information

Anita Dille
Teaching Coordinator