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Department of Agronomy


The Department of Agronomy provides extensive services to fulfill its Extension mission.

  • Soil Testing Lab The Soil Testing Laboratory provides accurate and timely analyses and recommendations to thousands of farmers statewide to aid their crop management decisions.
  • Kansas Crop Performance Tests An excellent Crop Performance Testing Program is conducted statewide to evaluate varieties and hybrids of wheat, sorghum, corn, soybean, alfalfa, sunflower, triticale, and canola. Results of these performance tests are widely publicized to aid producers in choosing the optimum variety or hybrid for crop production.
  • Kansas Foundation Seed The goal of the Kansas Foundation Seed Project is to get maximum production of outstanding varieties and to make this seed available to seed growers.
  • Throckmorton Computing Services Throckmorton Computing Services is your first stop for IT help, ordering new computers and mobile devices, color printing and large format poster printing.
  • Weather Data Library The Weather Data Library serves as repository for the weather observations for the state. Information is provide by the office to a wide variety of clients, ranging from state agencies such as the Kansas Department of Agriculture and the Kansas Department of Health and Environment, to individuals and groups interested in community development, agriculture, engineering, and health.