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Agronomy Graduate Program

Incoming students commonly have a Bachelor of Science degree in agriculture, agronomy, crop science, soil science, or a related life science. The most important considerations for applicants are an interest in continued study and intensive research in a specific area of agronomy along with minimum prerequisites for admission to the program. The biological, physical, and mathematical sciences are considered fundamental for all areas of agronomy.

Graduate programs are designed to accommodate the interest and objectives of each student. Students in M.S. and Ph.D. programs conduct original research and receive thorough training in investigative techniques by use of modern facilities with guidance by experienced faculty. The large number of faculty and the diversity of their research interests provides flexibility in graduate training. Course requirements for each student are determined by the major professor and the supervising committee with consideration given to the student's qualifications and professional interests and goals.

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Dr. Gerard Kluitenberg
Graduate Program Coordinator

Robert Berry
Assistant Graduate Program Coordinator
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