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Department of Agronomy

AGSA Officers

Jan. 2021 - Dec. 2021

President: Logan Simon

The president is expected to lead the club in all activities, preside over regular club meetings, set the club agenda for the current year, lead the officers during special meetings, insure the success of the annual football parking fundraising event, and is most responsible for a successful club.

Vice-President: Carlos Pires

The vice-president is expected to assist the president in all club activities, preside over regular club meetings in the absence of the president, and organize club members for the annual football parking fundraising event.

Treasurer: Mario Secchi

The treasurer is expected to keep records and receipts of all transactions, balance the checkbook and reconcile bank statements, make payments to guest speakers, arrange and pay for refreshments for seminars and meetings.

Secretary: Luana Simão

The secretary is expected to record minutes of all club meetings, assist the president in all club activities, record club events, and activities in the archive, and provide information to the webmaster for posting.

Social Media Chair: VACANT

The social media chair is expected to coordinate social media accounts on Twitter and Facebook to broaden communication with current agronomy graduate students, prospective students, and the community.

Social Chairs: Sevendeep Kaur and Manjot Kaur Rekhi

The social chair is expected to organize fun club activities to increase member interaction.

Cookie Chairs: Sevendeep Kaur and Manjot Kaur Rekhi

The cookie chair helps manage beverages for graduate Agronomy Seminar lectures. These lectures are every Wednesday afternoon.

GSA/GSC Representative: Isaac Barnhart

The graduate council representative is expected to attend the graduate council meetings and provide graduate council activity updates to members at monthly meetings.

Faculty Advisors: Dr. Gerald Kluitenberg and Dr. Eduardo Santos

The advisors are expected to counsel the officers and members on departmental and university matters, provide guidance on major club decisions, attend club meetings, and work closely with the officers to ensure club excellence and integrity.