Undergraduate Minors & Secondary Majors

Students interested in Agronomy can pursue a minor in Agronomy alongside another undergraduate major.All students are required to complete 16 or 17 credit hours to earn an Agronomy minor.

The following courses are required of all Agronomy minors:

  1. AGRON 305 Soils (4)
  2. AGRON 220 Crop Science (4) -or- AGRON 501 Range Management (3)
  3. An additional 9 hours of Agronomy courses numbered 300 or greater selected by the student in consultation with the agronomy advisor.

Minor admission forms must be completed prior to enrollment in this coursework. To request admission to the Agronomy Minor Program, complete the minor admission form and email it to Dr. Anita Dille.

Minors & Secondary Majors for Agronomy Students

Undergraduate students pursuing a degree in Agronomy can add a minor or secondary major to their educational pursuits. A minor or secondary major adds breadth to meet the ever-growing demand environmental agencies require for integrated, science-based personnel.

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