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Department of Agronomy

Department of Agronomy
Kansas State University
2004 Throckmorton PSC
1712 Claflin Road
Manhattan, KS 66506-0110

Ph: +1-785-532-6101
Fx: +1-785-532-6094

Faculty Directory

NamePosition TitleEmail
Adee, EricAssociate ProfessorEmail Eric
Aiken, RobResearch Crop SpecialistEmail Rob
Asebedo, Antonio "Ray"Assistant ProfessorEmail Ray
Bai, GuihuaProfessorEmail Guihua
Ciampitti, IgnacioAssociate ProfessorEmail Ignacio
Currie, RandallAssociate ProfessorEmail Randall
Devlin, DanielDirector K.C.A.R.E. & Kansas Water Resource InstituteEmail Daniel
Dille, AnitaProfessorEmail Anita
Donnelly, Kevin J.ProfessorEmail Kevin
Duncan, StewartAssociate ProfessorEmail Stewart
Esser, AndrewAgronomist-in-ChargeEmail Andrew
Falk Jones, JeanneMulti-County SpecialistEmail Jeanne
Fick, Walter H.ProfessorEmail Walter
Fritz, Allan K.ProfessorEmail Allan
Fu, JianmingAssistant ProfessorEmail Jianming
Gehl, KathyProject AdministratorEmail Kathy
Haag, LucasAssistant ProfessorEmail Lucas
Hagen, LarryAgricultural EngineerEmail Larry
Hettiarachchi, GangaProfessorEmail Ganga
Holman, John Cropping Systems AgronomistEmail John
Jagadish, S.V. KrishnaAssociate ProfessorEmail Krishna
Jugulam, MithilaAssociate ProfessorEmail Mithila
Kerschen, KimInstructor and Academic CoordinatorEmail Kerschen
Kirkham, M.B.ProfessorEmail M.B.
Kluitenberg, GerardProfessorEmail Gerard
Knapp, MaryService ClimatologistEmail Mary
Kumar, VipanAssistant ProfessorEmail Vipan
Lin, XiaomaoAssociate ProfessorEmail Xiaomao
Lingenfelser, Jane E.Assistant AgronomistEmail Jane
Lollato, Romulo P.Assistant ProfessorEmail Romulo
Min, DoohongAssistant ProfessorEmail Doohong
Moorberg, ColbyAssistant ProfessorEmail Colby
Morris, GeoffreyAssistant ProfessorEmail Geoffrey
Nelson, NathanProfessor Email Nathan
Obour, AugustineAssistant ProfessorEmail Augustine
Owensby, Clenton E.ProfessorEmail Clenton
Patrignani, AndresAssistant ProfessorEmail Andres
Perumal, RamasamyAssociate ProfessorEmail Ramasamy
Peterson, DallasProfessorEmail Dallas
Pierzynski, GaryDepartment HeadEmail Gary
Prasad, P.V. VaraProfessorEmail Vara
Presley, DeAnnAssociate ProfessorEmail DeAnn
Ransom, Michel D.Professor & Assistant Head for TeachingEmail Michel
Rhodes, DavinaAssistant ProfessorEmail Davina
Rice, Charles W.University Distinguished ProfessorEmail Charles
Ridder, DustanAssistant AgronomistEmail Dustan
Roozeboom, Kraig L.ProfessorEmail Kraig
Ruiz-Diaz, DorivarAssociate ProfessorEmail Dorivar
Santos, EduardoAssistant ProfessorEmail Eduardo
Sassenrath, GretchenAssociate ProfessorEmail Gretchen
Schapaugh, WilliamProfessorEmail William
Sexton-Bowser, SarahManaging DirectorEmail Sarah
Shoup, DougAssociate ProfessorEmail Doug
Stahlman, PhillipProfessorEmail Phillip
Stamm, MichaelAssociate AgronomistEmail Michael
Tatarko, JohnSoil ScientistEmail John
Tesso, TesfayeProfessorEmail Tesfaye
Thompson, CurtisProfessorEmail Curtis
Tomlinson, PeterAssistant ProfessorEmail Peter
Wagner, LarryResearch Leader Email Larry
Welch, StephenProfessorEmail Stephen
Zhang, GuorongAssociate ProfessorEmail Guorong
NamePosition TitleEmail
Amado, TelmoAdjunct Assistant ProfessorEmail Telmo
Asif, MohammadAdjunct Assistant ProfessorEmail Asif
Hayes, ChadAdjunct Assistant ProfessorEmail Chad
Leikam, DaleAdjunct Associate ProfessorEmail Dale
Martin, SabineAdjunct Assistant ProfessorEmail Sabine
Poland, JesseAdjunct Assistant ProfessorEmail Jesse
NamePosition TitleEmail
Claassen, MarkEmeritus ProfessorEmail Mark
Cramer, GaryEmeritus ProfessorEmail Gary
Eberle, WilliamEmeritus Associate ProfessorEmail William
Ehler, Stanley W.Emeritus ProfessorEmail Stanley
Gordon, BarneyEmeritus ProfessorEmail Barney
Heer, BillEmeritus Associate ProfessorEmail Bill
Janssen, KeithEmeritus ProfessorEmail Keith
Kilgore, GaryEmeritus ProfessorEmail Gary
Liang, George H.Emeritus ProfessorEmail George
Maddux, LarryEmeritus ProfessorEmail Larry
Mengel, DavidEmeritus ProfessorEmail David
Posler, GerryEmeritus ProfessorEmail Gerry
Price, KevinEmeritus ProfessorEmail Kevin
Regehr, David L.Emeritus ProfessorEmail David
Shroyer, James P.Emeritus ProfessorEmail James
Skidmore, EdEmeritus ProfessorEmail Ed
Stone, LoydEmeritus ProfessorEmail Loyd
Thien, Steve J.Emeritus ProfessorEmail Steve
Vanderlip, RichardEmeritus ProfessorEmail Richard
Whitney, DavidEmeritus ProfessorEmail David