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Department of Agronomy

Department of Agronomy
Kansas State University
2004 Throckmorton PSC
1712 Claflin Road
Manhattan, KS 66506-0110

Ph: +1-785-532-6101
Fx: +1-785-532-6094

Faculty Directory

Current Faculty | Emeritus Faculty | Adjunct Faculty

Current Faculty - Alphabetical Listing

NamePosition TitleEmail
Adee, EricAssociate ProfessorEmail Eric
Aiken, RobResearch Crop SpecialistEmail Rob
Asebedo, Antonio "Ray"Assistant Professor| Precision AgricultureEmail Ray
Bai, GuihuaProfessor | Agronomy
Research Molecular Geneticist | USDA/ARS
Email Guihua
Ciampitti, IgnacioAssociate Professor | Crop Production and Cropping SystemsEmail Ignacio
Currie, RandallAssociate Professor | SW Research Extension Center | Garden CityEmail Randall
Devlin, DanielDirector | K.C.A.R.E.
Director | Kansas Water Resource Institute
Email Daniel
Dille, AnitaProfessor | Weed EcologyEmail Anita
Donnelly, Kevin J.Professor | Crop ScienceEmail Kevin
Duncan, StewartAssociate Professor | Northeast Area Extension OfficeEmail Stewart
Esser, AndrewAgronomist-in-Charge| North Central KS & IrrigationEmail Andrew
Falk Jones, JeanneMulti-County SpecialistEmail Jeanne
Fick, Walter H.Professor | Range ManagementEmail Walter
Fritz, Allan K.Professor | Wheat BreedingEmail Allan
Fu, JianmingResearch Assistant ProfessorEmail Jianming
Gehl, KathyProject Administrator / Extension eUpdate EditorEmail Kathy
Haag, LucasAssistant Professor | Northwest Research - Extension CenterEmail Lucas
Hagen, LarryAgricultural Engineer | USDAEmail Larry
Hettiarachchi, GangaProfessor | Soil and Environmental ChemistryEmail Ganga
Holman, John Cropping Systems AgronomistEmail John
Jagadish, S.V. KrishnaAssociate ProfessorEmail Krishna
Jugulam, MithilaAssociate ProfessorEmail Mithila
Kerschen, KimInstructor and Academic CoordinatorEmail Kerschen
Kirkham, M.B.Professor | Crop Physiology, Soil-Plant-Water RelationsEmail M.B.
Kluitenberg, GerardProfessor | Soil and Environmental PhysicsEmail Gerard
Knapp, MaryService Climatologist | Weather Data LibraryEmail Mary
Lin, XiaomaoAssociate Professor | Agricultural Climatology, Climate Science, and Bio-Atmospheric InteractionsEmail Xiaomao
Lingenfelser, Jane E.Assistant Agronomist | Crop Performance TestingEmail Jane
Lollato, Romulo P.Assistant Professor, Wheat and Forages Extension SpecialistEmail Romulo
Min, Doo-HongAssistant Professor | Forage ManagementEmail Doo-Hong
Moorberg, ColbyAssistant Professor l Root Ecology and HydropedologyEmail Colby
Morris, GeoffreyAssistant Professor | Crop Genetics and GenomicsEmail Geoffrey
Nelson, NathanProfessor | Soil Fertility and Nutrient ManagementEmail Nathan
Obour, AugustineAssistant Professor | Soil ScienceEmail Augustine
Owensby, Clenton E.Professor | Range ManagementEmail Clenton
Patrignani, AndresAssistant Professor | Soil Water ManagementEmail Andres
Perumal, RamasamyAssociate Professor | Sorghum Breeder | Hays, KSEmail Ramasamy
Peterson, DallasProfessor | Extension Weed ManagementEmail Dallas
Pierzynski, GaryDepartment Head | Professor | Soil and Environmental ChemistryEmail Gary
Prasad, P.V. VaraProfessor | Crop Eco-physiology
Director | Sustainable Intensification Innovation Lab
Email Vara
Presley, DeAnnAssociate Professor | Environmental Soil Science and ManagementEmail DeAnn
Ransom, Michel D.Professor |Soil Classification | Mineralogy
Assistant Head for Teaching
Email Michel
Rhodes, DavinaAssistant ProfessorEmail Davina
Rice, Charles W.University Distinguished Professor | Soil MicrobiologyEmail Charles
Ridder, DustanAssistant Agronomist | Agronomy North FarmEmail Dustan
Roozeboom, Kraig L.Professor | Cropping SystemsEmail Kraig
Ruiz-Diaz, DorivarAssociate Professor | Soil Fertility and Nutrient ManagementEmail Dorivar
Santos, EduardoAssistant Professor | MicrometeorologyEmail Eduardo
Sassenrath, GretchenAssociate Professor | Crop Production AgronomistEmail Gretchen
Schapaugh, WilliamProfessor | Soybean BreedingEmail William
Sexton-Bowser, SarahManaging Director | Center for Sorghum ImprovementEmail Sarah
Shoup, DougAssociate Professor | Southeast Area Extension AgronomistEmail Doug
Stahlman, PhillipProfessor | Agricultural Research Center | HaysEmail Phillip
Stamm, MichaelAssociate Agronomist | Canola BreederEmail Michael
Tatarko, JohnSoil Scientist | USDAEmail John
Tesso, TesfayeProfessor | Sorghum Breeding and GeneticsEmail Tesfaye
Thompson, CurtisProfessor | Extension Weed ManagementEmail Curtis
Tomlinson, PeterAssistant ProfessorEmail Peter
Wagner, LarryResearch Leader | USDA | Wind Erosion Research UnitEmail Larry
Welch, StephenProfessor | Theoretical Plant ModellingEmail Stephen
Zhang, GuorongAssociate Professor | Hays Agricultural Research CenterEmail Guorong

Emeritus Faculty - Alphabetical Listing

NamePosition TitleEmail
Claassen, MarkEmeritus ProfessorEmail Mark
Cramer, GaryEmeritus ProfessorEmail Gary
Eberle, WilliamEmeritus Associate ProfessorEmail William
Ehler, Stanley W.Emeritus ProfessorEmail Stanley
Gordon, BarneyEmeritus Professor | North Central and Irrigation Experiment FieldsEmail Barney
Heer, BillEmeritus Associate Professor | South Central Experiment FieldEmail Bill
Janssen, KeithEmeritus Professor | East Central Experiment FieldEmail Keith
Kilgore, GaryEmeritus ProfessorEmail Gary
Liang, George H.Emeritus Professor | Plant Genetics/CytogenteticsEmail George
Maddux, LarryEmeritus Professor | Kansas River Valley Experiment FieldEmail Larry
Mengel, DavidEmeritus ProfessorEmail David
Posler, GerryEmeritus Professor | Crop ScienceEmail Gerry
Price, KevinEmeritus Professor " Remote SensingEmail Kevin
Regehr, David L.Emeritus Professor | Extension Weed ManagementEmail David
Shroyer, James P.Emeritus ProfessorEmail James
Skidmore, EdEmeritus ProfessorEmail Ed
Stone, LoydEmeritus ProfessorEmail Loyd
Thien, Steve J.Emeritus Professor | Soil QualityEmail Steve
Vanderlip, RichardEmeritus Professor | Crop ProductionEmail Richard
Whitney, DavidEmeritus Professor | Soil FertilityEmail David

Adjunct Faculty - Alphabetical Listing

NamePosition TitleEmail
Amado, TelmoAdjunct Assistant ProfessorEmail Telmo
Asif, MohammadAdjunct Assistant ProfessorEmail Asif
Leikam, DaleAdjunct Associate ProfessorEmail Dale
Martin, SabineAdjunct Assistant ProfessorEmail Sabine
Poland, JesseAdjunct Assistant ProfessorEmail Jesse