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Department of Agronomy

Fundraising / Service

The fundraiser for the Wheat State Agronomy Club is parking cars at the Agronomy North Farm. A group of 12 or more members meet before each game to direct cars and take money. This is an exciting way to meet and work with other members of the club and it is often required to attend National and Regional Conferences.

The officers elected to oversee Parking are committed to the semester long event, as it is important to the club. The revenue from Parking is used by the Wheat State Agronomy Club and the Department of Agronomy. WSAC uses these funds to send members to National and Regional Conferences, provide scholarships for students, give donations to charities, and sponsor social activities for its members and the department.

Community Service Activities

Funds from our football parking fundraiser are not only used for club activities, but are also donated to worthy causes. Different organizations like the Flint Hills Bread Basket, Adopt-a-Family, and Emeritus Clean-up are supported through the WSAC.

Flint Hills Bread Basket provides for the basic needs of low-income families in Riley and Pottawatomie counties. The WSAC participate in their special Christmas program, Adopt-a-Family, where the club buys gifts and wraps them for the families. The Emeritus Clean-up involves going to the homes of retired Agronomy Faculty and assisting them with spring yard work.

These monetary donations and physical contributions to the community are what make the Wheat State Agronomy Club a well-rounded organization. We love to work hard but have fun giving back to the community in which we live.