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Department of Agronomy


Baylor Heart Study Group 2012

The Wheat State Agronomy Club has several activities throughout the year to encourage participation within the club. Some of the activities are community service projects that give back to the community, such as Habitat for Humanity, the Flint Hills Breadbasket, and the Alumni's Spring Clean Up. After a hard day's work of giving back, the club has a BBQ or Steak Fry for the members who participated.

Appreciation Breakfast

To show our appreciation to the Department of Agronomy the Wheat State Agronomy Club hosts our annual Appreciation Breakfast for the faculty and staff in the Agronomy Department. The club members cook various breakfast dishes ranging from breakfast casseroles to muffins to coffee cake and fruit. This breakfast is a great way for members to personally thank the advisors and professors for their continued support and guidance.

Christmas Party

As one last hoorah for the December graduating seniors, the club hosts a Christmas party. This is the final event for the graduating seniors and other club members before finals week and Christmas break. The meal is often a steak and potatoes dinner with all the fixings. It is generally catered by Ramblers Steak House and free to members, department faculty, and staff. As a thank you gift to each of the seniors, a K-State rock is given to them on behalf of the club. Also, the club treasurer and financial advisor will present a check to the Flint Hill Breadbasket, one of the Community Service activities, which is a local organization assisting low-income families. This donation is given annually, and the club members vote on the total amount. Towards the end of the evening, a slide show is presented to highlight and recap the activities that took place within the club during the fall semester.

            Christmas 2014                  

December Graduates of 2017

Steak Fry

When the spring semester rolls around, so does the Wheat State Agronomy Club Steak Fry. At this time we celebrate all of our seniors graduating in May. This spring semester event is yet another activity in which social time and free food is high on the list of priorities. The meal consists of Rib-eye steaks, baked beans, coleslaw, potato salad, and cookies. It was held at Tuttle Creek Park but was recently moved to the Ashland Agronomy Research Farm. It is open to undergrad students, as well as the department faculty and staff. The graduating seniors will each receive a K-State rock on behalf of the club. The announcement of the club scholarship recipient is made and at the end the attendees leave with a full stomach and plenty of time to socialize with others.

By being in the Wheat State Agronomy Club you have the opportunity to meet new members, old members, faculty, and staff. Attending the socials will get you free meals, with a side of friendships and networks to last a lifetime. Our activities allow you as a member to become more involved in the club, on campus, and in the community.

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May Graduates of 2018