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2018-22 Microbiomes of Aquatic Habitats, Plants, & Soils (MAPS)

The MAPS`s project mission is to elucidate how microbiomes interact within native and agriculturally dominated aquatic, plant, and soil habitats, leveraging the steep precipitation gradient across Kansas as a means of projecting system response to environmental change.


Research Sites Across Precipitation Gradient

Precipitation Gradient

2016-20 Ogallala Water Coordinated Agriculture Project

Ogallala Map

The Ogallala Water Coordinated Agriculture Project (OWCAP) is a USDA-NIFA funded (2016-2020), multidisciplinary research and outreach project focused on helping to address issues related to groundwater declines (quantity & quality) and long-term agricultural sustainability in the High Plains region.

Our team of ~70 university researchers, Extension specialists, students and post-docs is based at 9 institutions and 6 hub agricultural experiment stations in 6 Ogallala states.

The Ogallala Water Coordinated Agriculture Project, a multi-disciplinary collaborative effort funded by USDA-NIFA, is focused on developing and sharing practical, science-supported information relevant to best management practices for optimizing water use across the Ogallala region. Our interdisciplinary team is engaged in research, outreach and cooperative partnerships with a diverse set of stakeholders, working to support current and future generations of producers in the region.