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Department of Agronomy

Water Analysis

Pivot Irrigation

The KSU Soil Testing Lab offers water analysis for nutrient and irrigation water quality analysis for producers. However, full drinking water analysis is not offered.

The most common water analysis from producers is irrigation water quality, which includes both electrical conductivity (E.C.) and sodium (Na) and routinely analyzes for nitrate-nitrogen (NO3-N), ammonium-nitrogen (NH4-N), sulfur (S), and chloride (Cl). Other tests can be requested, but are not typically of interest to producers.

Available Testing

Water Samples

Irrigation water is typically analyzed for nitrate content to determine the reduction in nitrogen fertilizer application due to application of irrigation water.

Irrigation Water Quality

Irrigation water quality analysis gives a measure of the irrigation hazard by application of low quality irrigation water. The individual analysis includes electrical conductivity (EC) and soluble sodium (Na) percentage. Low EC and sodium levels are preferred, but specific levels are some what dependent on soil texture and the crop.

Other Tests
For additional analyses, please contact the KSU Soil Testing Lab.


Sample Collection

Water Samples

When collecting water samples, be careful to have appropriate collection procedures. First, use a clean container and let the water run for a sufficient time to remove any water left in pipes or in storage tanks.

Label each container clearly and completely fill out the information sheet. Be sure to provide a large enough sample for all tests required. If unsure what sample size to provide, please contact the KSU Soil Testing Lab.

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