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Department of Agronomy

2021 Winter Wheat Performance Tests

Maps and preliminary results

SoutheastFranklin            pdf Excel
Labette map     pdf  Excel
SoftLabette map     pdf  Excel
North CentralRepublic map    pdf  Excel
Mitchell          pdf   Excel

Ellsworth map  pdf  Excel
Marion map    pdf   Excel   
Saline map     pdf   Excel

South CentralHarvey map    pdf  Excel
Reno map       pdf  Excel
Stafford map   pdf  Excel
South Central Non-treatedSumner map   pdf  Excel   
 NorthwestDecatur          pdf  Excel
Russell map    pdf Excel
Greeley map   pdf Excel
Thomas map   pdf  Excel
 SouthwestFinney map      pdf  Excel
Pawnee map     pdf Excel
Stevens map    pdf  Excel
 IrrigatedFinney map      pdf  Excel
Stevens map    pdf  Excel
Thomas map    pdf Excel

Wheat Season Overview- Lollato