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Department of Agronomy

Ana Julia Carvalho

Ana Julia Azevedo

Graduate Student

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Kansas State University
2018A Throckmorton PSC
1712 Claflin Road
Manhattan, KS 66506

Fx: +1-785-532-6094


Biography & Education


Ana Julia Azevedo is a Master of Science student in the Agronomy Department at Kansas State University under Dr. Ignacio A. Ciampitti supervision. Ana Julia was born in Londrina, Paraná State in the south part of Brazil. She received her bachelor’s degree in Agronomic Engineer at the Londrina State University, Brazil.

During five years of her bachelor’s degree, Ana Julia was involved with research projects in soil physics, entomology and soil microbiology, working with sugar cane, pasture, cereal crops and horticulture. After her graduation, she focused on working abroad as a research assistant at Oklahoma State University with the Precision Ag/Soil Science team led by Dr. William R. Raun, and then right after at Kansas State University working on the Crop Production/Cropping Systems team led by Dr. Ignacio A. Ciampitti.

As a Master student she is studying different farming systems to increase yield and nitrogen use efficiency (NUE) in corn, and use of different technologies to improve uniformity in early season and yield responses in wheat. Ana Julia is one of the responsible for coordination of activities and people in her research team.

  • M.S. Agronomy, Kansas State University, 2017
  • B.S. Agronomic Engineering, Londrina State University, Brazil, 2011