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Department of Agronomy

Charles Rice's Research

Research Projects

Soil quality and microbiology
The objective of the soil microbiology research program is to study ways to improve soil quality and understand the biological and geochemical processes and interactions within different soil types and different environments.

The soil microbiology team conducts research on:

  • Carbon and nitrogen analysis in soils
  • Stable isotope 13C and 15N analysis
  • Factors affecting soil fungi and soil bacteria populations
  • Mycorrhizae population dynamics
  • Phospholipid fatty acids and neutral lipid fatty acids in soil organic matter
  • Carbon and nitrogen mineralization
  • Legume inoculation methods

Climate change: Soil carbon sequestration and agricultural greenhouse gas mitigation
The Agronomy Department, collaborating with other departments at K-State and with other universities, is world-renowned for its research into agricultural greenhouse gas mitigation practices. The objective of the research program is to find ways to increase soil carbon sequestration, and reduce agricultural emissions of nitrous oxide and methane.

The greenhouse gas mitigation team conducts research on:

  • Carbon cycling and sequestration in different soil types
  • Effect of tillage and cropping systems on carbon sequestration
  • Effect of different nutrient management programs on soil C and N
  • Nitrous oxide emissions as impacted by nitrogen fertilizer management
  • Impact of tillage and cropping systems on soil aggregation and quality
  • Carbon and nitrogen mineralization
  • Bioenergy crops, and the effect of biomass harvest management on soil C