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Department of Agronomy

Research Projects

Crop Response & Adaptation to Environmental Conditions

Crop production is highly sensitive to environmental changes and variation. Kansas has wide gradient of environments, particularly with rainfall and temperatures. Annual rainfall varies from 16 inches on western border to over 40 inches in Southeast, and as we move from north to south, temperature increases.

Crops in Kansas are often exposed to water stress, heat and cold stress during crop growing season leading to decreased biomass, grain yield and quality. Thus, crop production is always challenging to farmers and researchers.


The goal of my research program is to seek ways to help farmers understand and overcome the risks associated with environmental stresses.


The main focus of my program is to conduct research that improves our understanding of how crop plants respond and adapt to changing environmental conditions.

These conditions include:

  • Abiotic factors such as water (drought)
  • Alterations in crop management strategies associated with genetic improvements
  • Biotic pest infestations
  • Changes in cultural practices
  • Nutrient stress
  • Temperature (hot and cold temperatures)
  • Develop best management practices for efficient use of resources for maximizing crop yield and minimizing environmental risk.
  • Understand crop responses to abiotic (drought, temperature, nutrient and climate change factors) and biotic (disease, pests and weeds) stress and quantify their impact on yield and quality.
  • Use and improve crop growth simulation models to identify yield gaps, evaluate crop management practices, and impact of environmental, nutrient and biotic stresses on crop production.

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