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Department of Agronomy

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Jugulam Lab

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Kansas State University
Department of Agronomy
3703 Throckmorton PSC
Manhattan, KS 66506

Ph: +1-785-532-2755
Fx: +1-785-532-6094


Dr. Mithila Jugulam

Dr. Mithila Jugulam

Associate Professor

Mithila Jugulam is an Associate Professor in the Department of Agronomy at Kansas State University. She received her Ph.D. degree and postdoctoral training at the University of Guelph, Canada. Her research program is internationally recognized for increasing our understanding of the evolution and fundamental mechanisms of herbicide resistance in weeds.

Her research also focuses on the effect of climate change factors on herbicide efficacy, consequently weed management. She is an award-winning teacher with the responsibility to teach graduate and undergraduate courses related to herbicide physiology, molecular biology and molecular cytogenetics at KSU. She has published about 70 peer-reviewed international journal articles. She also edited a book “Biology, Physiology and Molecular Biology of Weeds.” She serves as an Associate Editor of Pest Management Science.

Dr. Sushila Chaudhari

Dr. Sushila Chaudhari

Visiting Scholar

Sushila Chaudhari grew up on a farm in Sri Ganganagar, Rajasthan, India. After finishing the high school, she was awarded the National Talent Scholarship from the Indian Government to pursue her B.S. (Hons.) in Agriculture from Punjab Agricultural University. She received her degree in 2008. She participated in many extracurricular activities and was awarded several honors in sports, clay-modeling, and rangoli (a folk art in India).

Sushila earned her M.S. degree in weed science under the direction of Dr. Brent Sellers at the University of Florida. Her research focused on the management of paragrass (Urochloa mutica, an invasive weed) in the Florida Wetlands using chemical and cultural weed management practices. In 2011, Sushila began her PhD program in weed science with Drs. Katie Jennings and David Monks at North Carolina State University (NCSU).

As part of her dissertation, she determined the critical period for weed control, and herbicide tolerance of grafted tomato and eggplant. Sushila provided leadership for additional research projects in blueberry, strawberry, sweetpotato, bell pepper, tomato, and cucumber. She also conducted tomato grafting and weed identification workshops for growers, extension agents, and visiting scholars from Mali and Senegal.

Sushila has authored and co-authored 27 refereed journal articles. Sushila has presented at numerous professional meetings, including the Florida Weed Science Society, Florida Exotic Pest Plant Council Symposium, Weed Science Society of North Carolina (WSSNC), Northeastern Weed Science Society (NEWSS), Southern Weed Science Society (SWSS), Weed Science Society of America, and American Society for Horticultural Science. She has won several awards including 1st place overall individual at the 2013 NEWSS weed contest, SWSS, and WSSNC Outstanding Ph.D. Graduate Student, WSSNC Endowment Scholarship, SWSS Endowment Enrichment Scholarship, four travel grants, and five awards for poster and paper presentations.

Currently, she is working as a Post-doctoral Research Scholar at NCSU and as a visiting scholar in Dr. Jugulam’s lab at Kansas State University. Current projects include studies related to herbicide efficacy, dose response, and mechanisms and inheritance of herbicide resistance in weeds. When not working on weed science projects, she enjoys hanging out with friends, cooking, hiking, and spending time with her 1.5-year-old daughter.


Dr.Sathishraj Rajendran

Post-doctoral Researcher
Email Dr.Sathishraj

Sathishraj completed his PhD in Biotechnology under Dr. M. Raveendran, Professor, Department of Plant Biotechnology, Tamil Nadu Agricultural University, Coimbatore, India. In his PhD he worked on heat and drought stress in Rice. He also had opportunity to do a part of his research work in International Rice Research Institute, Philippines. He got best PhD Thesis award in Rice Physiology during 2017 presented by Tamil Nadu Agricultural University, Coimbatore. He won competitive fellowships to peruse his MSc and PhD. He was sanctioned with National Post-Doctoral Fellowship (NPDF) scheme for the project entitled “Reduced unproductive transpiration is a relevant breeding target for high water-use efficiency in rice without compromising photosynthesis” sponsored by Department of science and technology, Government of India, starting from 10th April 2017 to 9th April 2019. Dr. M.S.Sheshshayee, Professor, Department of Crop Physiology, GKVK, Bangalore mentored him for his postdoc research. He got expertise in interdisciplinary research involving Plant Physiology, Plant Breeding and Biotechnology. He is interested in plant phenotyping and crop improvement. He got good publications in peer reviewed international journals and he attended international conferences and presented posters/papers.

Balaji Aravindhan Pandian

Balaji Aravindhan Pandian

Ph.D. Graduate Student

Aravind is currently working on “Mapping herbicide (Hydroxyphenylpyruvate dioxygenase (HPPD)-inhibitors) tolerance genes in Grain Sorghum (Sorghum bicolor L.)”. He is also interested in bioinformatics and learning programming languages. Before joining Dr. Jugulam's lab he worked with ITC limited India as Associate Manager - Business Analytics, he is a Black belt in Lean - Six Sigma.

Chandrima Shyam

Chandrima Shyam

Ph.D. Graduate Student

Chandrima joined Dr. Jugulam’s Lab in May 2016 as a Graduate Research Assistant. Her PhD work focuses on genetically characterizing non-target site metabolism based herbicide resistance in multiple herbicide (Hydroxyphenylpyruvate dioxygenase (HPPD)-inhibitor, Acetolactate synthase (ALS), and Photosystem-II (PSII) inhibitor) resistant Palmer Amaranth (Amaranthus palmeri). Besides this, she is also working on assessing the effect of different temperature regimes on herbicide efficacy in different weeds and on understanding the inheritance of herbicide resistance traits in multiple herbicide-resistant Palmer Amaranth.

Ednaldo Borgato

Ednaldo Borgato

Ph.D. Graduate Student

Ednaldo received his B.S. in Agronomy (2013) and M.S. in Agronomy (Weed Science) (2018) from the University of Sao Paulo in Brazil. He worked as undergraduate research assistant in the weed science program at USP and started to develop his strong interest for this discipline. He joined Kansas State University in the summer of 2018 for his PhD in Weed Science under Dr. Jugulam and Dr. Dille. His research is focused on investigating target and non-target site resistance mechanisms on Palmer amaranth, aspects of herbicide-interactions and management strategies for cropping systems in Kansas.

Isaac Barnhart

Isaac Barnhart

M.S. Graduate Student

Isaac Barnhart is a first-year graduate student working on his Master of Science degree in Agronomy. His research will center around using sUAS systems (drones) to investigate sorghum throughout the growing season. Isaac grew up in eastern Saline County, KS, and received a Bachelor of Science in Biology from Sterling College (Sterling, KS). Prior to going to Kansas State, he worked as a custom chemical applicator in Abilene, KS, with experience applying liquid fertilizers, dry granular fertilizers, and many kinds of pesticides. It is both here and past employment in agriculture that generated his passion for agronomy. Isaac currently holds a sUAS license (14 CFR Part 107 license), a Private Pesticide Applicator certification, as well as a commercial driver’s license.

Dakota Came




Dakota Came

Undergraduate Research Experience (URE) Scholar

I am a Senior undergraduate research assistant majoring in Agricultural Economics with a specialty in Agronomy. I am from a farm in Salina, KS and hope to return to it after my time at Kansas State. My research is currently looking at herbicide resistance in Palmer amaranth.



 Tracy Oelschlaeger

Undergraduate Research Experience (URE) Scholar

Tracy is an undergraduate research assistant majoring in Agricultural Education. She is from a small farm in Tonganoxie Kansas. After her bachelor’s degree, she intends on pursuing a master’s degree here at K-State. Her end goal is to help teach the public about agriculture.



Research Associates and Visiting Scholars



       Current Occupation

  Dr. A. Vennapusa

December-2016-May 2018


  Dr. Lovreet Shergill

March 2017-Dec 2017

U of Missouri

  Dr. Aruna Varanasi

June 2014-February 2017

U of Arkansas

  Dr. Vijaya Varanasi

June 23013- August 2016

Senior biologist, Bayer Crop Science, MO

  Dr. Shahniyar Bayramov

June 2015 to January 2016

Fulbright Scholar from Azerbaijan

  Dr. Amar S Godar

August 2013-May 2015

Staff Res. Associate UC-Davis.

  Dr. J. Ou

January 2014-August 2014

Herbicide Discovery Scientist, Cortera agriscience.

  Dr. S. Mallubhotla

August 2012- March 2013

Consultant – (IFPRI), Canada


Graduate Students 

Ivan Cuvaca

Graduated S 2019


J. Ou (PHD)

 Graduated S 2018

Herbicide Discovery Scientist, Cortera agriscience.

S. Menzer* (MS)

 Graduated S 2017


K. Putta* (MS)

 Graduated S 2017

Herbicide Discovery Scientist, Enko Chem, MA

Sridevi Betha (PHD)

 Graduated   F 2016

Scientist, HPI, Manhattan

Andrew Dillon (MS)

  Graduated   S 2015

Scientist, Phyto Tech, KS

Randy DeGreeff *(MS)

  Graduated  SU 2015

Area Agronomist, MN

Kindsey Niehues (MS)

  Graduated   S 2014             

Scientist, Beck’s Hybrids, IN


Undergraduate Research Experience (URE) Scholars

  1. Abbie Friesen (F 2015 to 2018)- WSSA- 2017 Undergraduate Research Award winner
  2. Jessica Bramhall (F 2013 to present)- WSSA- 2015 Undergraduate Research Award winner
  3. Andrew Scherrer (F 2012 to S 2014)- 2014-Outstanding Undergraduate Research Award- Gamma Sigma Delta
  4. Trent Newell (F 2011 to S 2013)- WSSA- 2013 Undergraduate Research Award winner




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