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Department of Agronomy

Welcome Educators!

The Department of Agronomy at Kansas State University would like to assist in providing helpful links to educators in reference to Crops, Soils, & Environmental Science.

Below are a few links that may help get you started. You might also find more helpful materials in the Youth Education links for K-12 on the main Growing in Agronomy page.

Educator Resources:

GIA Home>IllinoisAgintheClassroom.png

Illinois Agriculture in the Classroom


GIA Home>Paul's Sand box

Fast Plants: University of Wisconsin
Join thousands of teachers worldwide who use Fast Plants® to bring science alive in their classrooms!


GIA Home>Kansas Foundation for Ag in the Classroom

Kansas Foundation for Agriculture in the Classroom: Exploring Kansas Natural Resources is targeted towards the 5th grade level with K-8 applications.


GIA Home>West Texas A&M logo

K-12 Teaching Resources and Activities: Hands-on, exploratory learning activities based on methods of scientific inquiry will encourage interest in science, soil, engineering, agriculture, and natural resources.

GIA Home>GrowingtheNextGeneration.jpg

Growing the Next Generation: The Agrium website has great resources on it for educators and youth.



Willie and the Beanstalk Contest: Willie and the Beanstalk is a contest is open to high school, middle school, 4-H, and/or FFA teams interested in the scientific principles surrounding plant growth. The challenge involves trying to grow the largest soybean plant in a 47-day time span and documenting this effort.



Soil Science Society of America: The SSSA provides educator resources on its website and informational videos on its YouTube channel.

Soil and Clean Water (English - Español)
Soil and Human Health (English - Español)
Soil and Food Security (English - Español)