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National Soil Judging Contest


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FFA & 4-H Land Judging

Land Judging Career Development Event in Agriculture

Nearly 1000 Kansas youth participate in district and state FFA and 4-H land judging career development events held across the state each fall. The following is a list of resources for agri-science teachers, club advisors, contest hosts, and profile evaluators. Printed copies may be ordered from your local K-State Research and Extension office.

Kansas Land Judging Guidebook

Condition of Field Card for Land Judging (white poster)

Condition of Field Card for Homesite (yellow poster)

Educational Videos about Describing Soil Profiles for Students and Teachers

Soil Profiling: The Proper Tools

Soil Texture by Feel

Soil Profiling: Structure

Soil Profiling: Color

Explanation of Caliche

Wind Erosion in 2009 in Western Kansas

Wind Erosion in 2008 on tilled ground in Southwest Kansas


Note: The National FFA and 4-H Land Judging contest is held each year in the spring in Oklahoma. The guidebook for the national contest, as well as scorecards, are available for download and purchase from the Oklahoma Land Judging Website