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Department of Agronomy

Football Parking Information

Football parking is our main annual fundraising event for the club. For more information or questions please contact our Parking Chair: Carlos Pires (carlospires@ksu.edu).

Forms and Other Information for Guests

K-State Football Schedule 

Rules for the Use of the Kansas Crop Improvement Association (KCIA) Parking Lot during KSU Football

Football Parking Policy

Football Parking Duties

We need six people to sign up for each shift for each home game this season.

Before the game (3 hrs before game time to kickoff)
  1. Place signs on either side of the drive
  2. Allow cars with parking passes in the lot
  3. Promote and try to sell additional season parking passes (Price will vary depending on the game)
  4. Do not allow vehicles to park on the grass between the white fence and KCIA
During the game (Kickoff to 2 hours later)
  1. Keep unauthorized cars from entering lot
  2. Watch the lot for vandals
  3. Dispose of any trash left in lot
After the game (2 hours after kickoff to game's end)
  1. Direct vehicles out of the lot and on to Kimball
  2. Place signs back in Room 14
  3. Dispose of any trash left in lot