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Department of Agronomy

Welcome to the Grassland Water Quality Website

grassland water quality>Trego County pond at sunset

Grasslands cover more than 40% of the state of Kansas. Grasslands with good vegetative cover provide a clean watershed, filtering out sediment, nutrients and bacteria. Rivers and streams, ponds and lakes, springs, playa lakes, and wetlands all benefit from clean run-off water from grasslands. These water sources provide benefits to the public such as drinking water, recreation, wildlife habitat, and aesthetic views.

While many Kansas grasslands are in good condition, other suffer from riparian areas over-used by livestock, over-grazing, weed and brush problems, a lack of regenerative burning, and complete loss through development activities. Maintaining and improving Kansas grasslands benefits both landowners and the environment, with high condition grasslands providing high forage productivity, good wildlife habitat, and clean water.


The Kansas Department of Health and Environment has provided financial assistance to this project through EPA Section 319 Nonpoint Source Pollution Control Grant #GAGR601041 and Kansas Water Plan Funds.