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Alfalfa is among the most important domesticated forages cultivated in Kansas, with an average of 650,000 acres harvested for hay and haylage every year, and average yield of about 3.5 tons per acre. Most of the dryland alfalfa is produced in central Kansas, with Barton County taking leadership in acreage. Meanwhile, most of the irrigated alfalfa concentrate in southwest Kansas, with Finney and Kearny counties taking the lead in irrigated acres.

Alfalfa is a very important forage for both the crop and livestock industries, with uses ranging from crop rotation and animal grazing to protein supplement in feedlots. In this website, we provide diverse information about alfalfa production for stakeholders. Use the drop-down menu below to guide you to information on specific topics.


Photo credit: Doohong Min, Forage Agronomist at KSU


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