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I am missing a receipt, what do I need to do?

Contact the vendor and ask them to provide a detailed invoice, credit memo, or an adequate substitute. If they can only fax or email you a copy, please remember to certify and sign it as valid and the only copy you received.

I lost my wallet, what do I need to do to cancel my BPC card?

If your business procurement card (BPC) is lost or stolen send an email to agrbus@ksu.edu. In the subject line put: “Lost/Stolen Card” and in the email include the last four digits of your card. If it is after normal business hours (M-F; 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.) please notify UMB Bank Security at +1-800-821-5184 and send an email to the business office.

I need to make a purchase with foundation funds, can I use my BPC?

No, the BPC is not approved for Foundation fund expenses. You can make the purchase yourself and get reimbursed with foundation funds. You will need to complete the Foundation Reimbursement Form (PDF), then given to your support staff along with the receipt.

Our student group wants to have food at our next meeting, do we just call the restaurant of our choice and charge it to the department?

No, you need to make an appointment with the business off and find out who we have charge accounts with. If there is a vendor not on our list we can see if who you are wanting will allow us to set up a charge account. You need to allow at least 5 business days before your event if we need to set up a new account.

I have a corporate sponsor who wants to give me money, who do they make the check out to?

If the funding is unrestricted they should enclose a letter with the check stating there are no restrictions on the funds and make the check payable to K-State Agronomy and note in the memo your name. We cannot provide them with an invoice.

We are going to be hosting a workshop/event and want to have lunch catered for all those in attendance, what do we do?

You need to determine who you want to have cater your event and then make an appointment with the business office. We will determine if we have a charge account with the business you choose and tell you what you need to do to place the order. If we don’t have an account set up with the business you have chosen we will contact them and start the process to set one up.

Please allow 5 business days before your event for this process. After the event you will need to provide the business office with a list of those in attendance at the meeting, their affiliation to the university, and what the benefit of this event was to the university, along with an account to charge the expenses to.

Can I put office supplies on my grant account?

No. For most grants this is the correct answer. The only exception is if you wrote supplies into your grant.

How do I know if the State I’m traveling to is Tax Exempt?

View a list of the states allowing exemptions and what you need to do to get items you purchase for the university tax free.

What do I do if I want to drive instead of fly?

Complete the Travel Cost Comparison Form (PDF) at least 2 weeks prior to your travel dates.

What do I do if my hotel costs more than my hotel allowance?

Complete the Request for Actual Conference Lodging Form (PDF) before you make the reservation. Approval must be given before this expense can be paid for.

My card is declined, what do I need to do?

Email agrbus@ksu.edu , with “Card Declined” in subject line. In the body of your email provide your name, the last four digits of your card#, merchant, charge amount, reason for charge, and date charge was attempted. The business office will contact you with further instructions.

I need to use my BPC while traveling overseas, what do I need to do?

Email agrbus@ksu.edu, with “Open Card for International Travel” in subject line. In the body of your email provide your name, the last four digits of your card#, travel dates, and list of countries you will be visiting.

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