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Department of Agronomy

Department of Agronomy
Kansas State University
2004 Throckmorton PSC
1712 Claflin Road
Manhattan, KS 66506-0110

Ph: +1-785-532-6101
Fx: +1-785-532-6094

Research Staff Directory

NamePosition TitleEmail
Abachebsa, TemamVisiting Fullbright ScholarEmail Temam
Adee, ShellyAssistant ScientistEmail Shelly
Albuquerque, ThaisVisiting ScholarEmail Thais
Arachchige, Pivthra PitumpePost Doctoral FellowEmail Pivthra
Ascher, KevinAgricultural TechnicianEmail Kevin
Assefa Mulisa, YaredResearch AssociateEmail Yared
Auen, LisaAssistant ScientistEmail Lisa
Auld, AndyAssistant ScientistEmail Andy
Barkman, LanaProject CoordinatorEmail Lana
Bayramov, ShahniyarVisiting ScholarEmail Shahniyar
Bheemanahalli Rangappa, RajuPost Doctoral FellowEmail Raju
Bickmeier, BillBiological TechnicianEmail Bill
Bonassi, LarissaVisiting ScholarEmail Larissa
Bossio, NicolasStudent InternEmail Nicolas
Brown, RichardResearch TechnologistEmail Richard
Campbell, AmberProgram AssistantEmail Amber
Cesar, FabioVisiting ScholarEmail Fabio
Chai, LinglingVisiting ScholarEmail Lingling
Chen, HuiResearch AssociateEmail Hui
Clark, CharlesAgricultural TechnicianEmail Charles
Davis, MatthewAssistant ScientistEmail Matthew
De Goes Domingues, MuriloVisiting ScholarEmail Murilo
Dickey, ColleenAgriculture Technician SeniorEmail Colleen
Dille, Russell E.Assistant ScientistEmail Russell
Di Salvo, JuanAssistant ScientistEmail Juan
Divakar, LeenaAssistant ScientistEmail Leena
Dominguez, AlexandraAssistant ScientistEmail Alexandra
Dooley, ScottAssistant ScientistEmail Scott
Duvessa, DuchassaPost Doctoral FellowEmail Duchassa
Galksduwa, BuddhikaPost Doctoral FellowEmail Buddika
Gao, JinchengComputer Information SpecialistEmail Jincheng
Gianadino, MarcoStudent InternEmail Marco
Gleue, PaulAgricultural TechnicianEmail Paul
Gobena, DerejeResearch AssociateEmail Dereje
Goldsby, KaitlinLab Technician IIEmail Kaitlin
Gonzalez, HugoVisiting ScientistEmail Hugo
Gutierrez Rodriguez, MiriamResearch TechnicianEmail Miriam
Guttieri, MaryResearch GeneticistEmail Mary
Hamehkasi, MaryamGraduate Research AssistantEmail Maryam
Hansel, FernandoAssistant ScientistEmail Fernando
Hargrave, LynnAssistant ScientistEmail Lynn
Harmoney, KeithRange ScientistEmail Keith
Harter, GarryAssistant ScientistEmail Garry
Hessel, ReneAssistant ScientistEmail Rene
Hopper, DanielAssistant ScientistEmail Daniel
Hodgins, DustinAssistant ScientistEmail Dustin
Hu, ZhenbinResearch AssociateEmail Zhenbin
Huddleston, SusanAssistant ScientistEmail Susan
Iseli, AngelaLaboratory Technician IEmail Angela
Kimball, JimAgricultural Technician SeniorEmail Jim
Kimball, LelandAgricultural TechnicianEmail Leland
King, AlexAssistant ScientistEmail Alex
Knight, JohnVisiting ScholarEmail John
Larson, MikeAgricultural Technician SeniorEmail Mike
Le, LoanAssistant ScientistEmail Loan
Leuthold, MarkEquipment Mechanic IIEmail Mark
Li, YaoquangAssistant ScientistEmail Yaoquang
Li, YiResearch AssociateEmail Yi
Liu, NaVisiting ScholarEmail Na
Longren, JerryAgriculture TechnicianEmail Jerry
Lowe, KathyAssistant ScientistEmail Kathy
Luo, PeigaoVisiting ScientistEmail Peigao
Lyu, ShuoVisiting Scholar 
Maduraimuthu, Djanaguiraman "Jani"Post Doctoral FellowEmail Jani
Maeoka, RafaelAssistant ScientistEmail Rafael
Mai, RandallResearch TechnologistEmail Randall
Majeed, Muhammad AtifVisiting ScholarEmail Muhammad
Marla, SandeepResearch AssociateEmail Sandeep
Marry, SripriyaSoftware EngineerEmail Sripriya
Maswada, HanafeyVisiting ScholarEmail Hanafey
Matthews, AngieAssistant ScientistEmail Angie
Mayer, DanaAssistant ScientistEmail Dana
Minihan, CathyAssistant ScientistEmail Cathy
Morales Rincon, LuisVisiting ScholarEmail Luis
Nirschl, Matheus GomesStudent InternEmail Matheus
Petersen, JacobAssistant ScientistEmail Jacob
Peralta, NahuelPost Doctoral FellowEmail Nahuel
Quigley, EdAgricultural Technician SeniorEmail Ed
Oumarou, HalilouAssistant ScientistEmail Halilou
Redmond, ChristopherAssistant ScientistEmail Christopher
Retta, AmareResearch AssociateEmail Amare
Rhodes, DavinaVisiting ScholarEmail Davina
Regier, DanielWeb / Database DeveloperEmail Daniel
Riley, BillAgricultural TechnicianEmail Bill
Saripalli, GautamAssistant ScientistEmail Gautam
Scholten Sakamoto, Thiago HenriqueVisiting ScholarEmail Thiago
Schooler, DavidResearch TechnicianEmail David
Sciarresi, CintiaAssistant ScientistEmail Cintia
Shanmugam, NaveenkumarAssistant ScientistEmail Naveenkumar
Shao, MingqinAssistant ScientistEmail Mingqin
Somayanda, ImpaResearch AssociateEmail Impa
Spurlock, JamesBuilding Systems TechnicianEmail James
Stensaas, DouglasAssistant AgronomistEmail Douglas
Stephens, CheyenneAssistant ScientistEmail Cheyenne
Su, ZhenqiResearch AssociateEmail Zhenqi
Subramaniam, UtharasaResearch AssociateEmail Utharasa
Sun, AiqingVisiting ScholarEmail Aiqing
Sun, ShuangVisiting ScholarEmail Shuang
Tarla, DivineVisiting ScientistEmail Divine
Thomas, JacobAssistant ScientistEmail Jacob
Thompson, KeithAgricultural Technician SeniorEmail Keith
Upadhayay, PujaLaboratory Technician IIEmail Puja
Valiaparambil Sebastian, John SunojResearch ScholarEmail John
Varanasi, ArunaResearch AssociateEmail Aruna
Waite, JasonAssistant ScientistEmail Jason
Wang, DongVisiting ScholarEmail Dong
Wang, JiananResearch AssociateEmail Jianan
Watson, SteveAssistant ScientistEmail Steve
Wehmueller, William "Bill"Assistant ScientistEmail Bill
Winnie, ShaunAssistant ScientistEmail Shaun
Ye, QingResearch AssociateEmail Qing
Yuan, XiangyangVisiting ScholarEmail Xiangyang
Zhang, PingpingVisiting ScholarEmail Pingping
Zhao, JixinAssistant ScientistEmail Jixin