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Department of Agronomy

Weed Management


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General Weed Control Information

Chemical Weed Control Guide

Glyphosate Stewardship

Herbicide Mode of Action

Weed-Specific Information

Marestail Control in Kansas

Musk Thistle Identification and Control

Field Bindweed Control in Field Crops and Fallow

Woollyleaf Bursage Biology and Control

Pigweed Identification

Crop-Specific Information

Aquatic Plants and Their Control

Weed Control in Dryland Cropping Systems

Diagnosing Wheat Production Problems in Kansas

Diagnosing Corn Production Problems in Kansas

Diagnosing Sorghum Production Problems in Kansas

Atrazine Information

Questions and Answers about Atrazine

Best Management Practices for Atrazine

Managing to Minimize Atrazine Runoff

Rangeland Management Information

Rangeland Weed Management

Rangeland Brush Management

Equipment Information

Cleaning Field Sprayers

Vineyard Information

Q&A about about Vineyard Injury from Herbicide Drift