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Department of Agronomy

Weed Management


Weed management>usda_water_hemp_weed_1.jpg Kansas State University
KSU-Hays Weed Science Project
KSU-Garden City Weed Science Project
KSU Application Technology Project
Rangeland & Pasture Management

Other Universities
University of Nebraska Weed Science
Iowa State University Weed Science
University of Illinois Weed Science

State-Specific Information & Agencies
Kansas Department of Agriculture
KDA Plant Protection & Weed Control
KDA Pesticides and Fertilizers Division
Herbicides Registered in Kansas
Herbicide Sensitive Crops in Kansas

Weed Science Organizations
Weed Science Society of America
North Central Weed Science Society
Western Society of Weed Science
Jointed Goatgrass Web Page
Herbicide Resistance Web Page