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Department of Agronomy

Weed Management


Weed management>wheat heads

PRE and POST Herbicides for Grass Control in Wheat, 2011 Winter Annual Grass Control in Clearfield Wheat, 2011 Cheatgrass & Broadleaf Control, 2009

Broadleaf Weed Control, 2009
Downy Brome & J. Brome Control, 2009

Grass Control in 2-gene Clearfield Wheat

ALS Resistant Cheatgrass
ALS Resistant Flixweed/Tansy Mustard

2008 Wheat Update

Grass & Broadleaf Wheat Control, 2008

Cheat & Downy Brome Control, 2008

Broadleaf Weed Control in Wheat, 2008

Grass & Broadleaf Wheat Control, 2006

Cheatgrass Control in Wheat, 2006

ALS Resistant Bushy Wallflower

Italian Ryegrass Control in Wheat, 2004

Weed Control in Clearfield Wheat, 2003

Cheatgrass Control in Wheat, 2003

Japanese Brome Control in Wheat, 2002

Cheatgrass Control in Wheat, 2002

Weed Control in Clearfield Wheat, 2002

Broadleaf Weed Control in Wheat, 2002

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