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Upcoming event: 2017 Compost Operators School

When: May 17-18, 2017

Where: Manhattan, KS

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Brochure (PDF)

Agenda (PDF)

The Kansas Composting Operators’ School is sponsored by the Kansas State University Research and Extension Department of Agronomy in cooperation with the Kansas Department of Health and Environment Bureau of Waste Management.

The school provides hands-on training in municipal, agricultural, and commercial large-scale composting for operators and managers of compost facilities who want to gain knowledge and experience in composting.

Subjects include compost science, and the application of these principles to composting yard waste, food waste, dead animals, and manure.  

The program includes classroom and laboratory instruction along with field activities including a facility tour of the Kansas State University Department of Agronomy Compost Facility, which composts food waste, greenhouse soil and waste, and grain. Field activities will include a demonstration of composting equipment such as a turner, and collection of compost samples for testing for maturity as well as chemical and physical properties.

The school is a two-day training program.


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DeAnn Presley
Associate Professor, Environmental Soil Science and Management
(785) 53-1218