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Department of Agronomy

Rangeland & Pasture Management

2018 Events

KLA/K-State Ranch Management Field Day, August 16, La Cygne
Tallgrass Range Management School, August 21-23, Camp Wood
Pasture Management and Old World Bluestem Tour, September 4, Blue Rapids
Eastern Kansas Grazing School, September 5, Douglas County

2018 Extension Workshops

Rangeland Management Workshops are available at any time during the year. Topics include calculaton of stocking rates, improvement of grazing distribution, and grazing systems. Complementary or sequence grazing systems can also be addressed. Rangeland improvement practices such as management and control of noxious weeds and invasive species can be provided.

Full Event Calendar

Prescribed Burning

For more information on Prescribed Burning, please visit our informational page. This will also include annual burning workshop dates.

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Drought Information

Drought occurs when less than 70% precipitation is received annually. For more information on current drought conditions, please visit the Weather Data Library's website.

Additional drought information can be viewed at the National Drought Mitigation Center website.

U.S. Drought Monitor website


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Prescribed Burning

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Rangeland Management

Forage Management

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