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Department of Agronomy

Prescribed Burning

Prescribed Burning Workshops are conducted with the cooperation and assistance of several agencies including KSRE, FSA, NRCS, KDWPT, and the National Weather Service. They are designed to help with the understanding of the nature and behavior of fire. Some of the topics that will be covered are reasons for burning, wildlife and prescribed burning, local and state regulations, fire weather, safety, liability, use of burn contractors, planning and conducting a burn. The Flint Hills Smoke Management Plan will be addressed. The workshop is designed to either prepare the participants to begin using prescribed burning or to update their knowledge and abilities. Workshops are usually scheduled from November through March.

Dates of Prescribed Burning Workshops - 2017

January 11 Marysville, KS

January 25 Eureka, KS

February 3  Kingman, KS

February 11 St. Marys, KS

February 22 Ottawa, KS

March 1 Uniontown, KS