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Range & Forages

Rangeland and forages make up about 40% of the land in Kansas. These resources support a substantial livestock industry consisting primarily of beef cattle, but also including dairy, sheep, goats, and horses. In addition to grazing, rangeland and forages are important for wildlife habitat, water quality, recreation, and open space. The range and forage extension program emphasizes brush and weed control, prescribed burning, management of invasive species, range and pasture management, grassland water quality, forage production and utilization, alternative forages, and utilization of crop residues.

Common honeylocust

Contact Us

Dr. Walter Fick
State Rangeland Management Specialist
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Ph: +1-785-532-7223

Dr. Doug Shoup
SE Area Extension Agronomist
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Ph: +1-620-820-6124

Dr. John Holman
Cropping Systems Agronomist
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Ph: +1-620-276-8286

Dr. Carol Baldwin
Research Assistant Professor
Horticulture and Natural Resources
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Ph: +1-785-532-0416

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